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It's Rainin', It's Pouring
Three Clouds Lab

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This lab is designed to allow you to create three clouds. While doing this you will investigate the factors involved in the formation of clouds. You will be working in groups of four and rotating the equipment with other groups. Please be courteous and clean up your mess as you go along. Have fun!

Cloud 1

In this experiment you will create a cloud in a clear soda bottle

  • clear soda bottle
  • a few drops of water
  • a box of matches

1. Place water in your soda bottle and rinse around, then pour out.
2. Place the bottle on the table and press down on the side to decrease the volume of air inside.
3. Have one person grasp the sides of the bottle on the table so that they can "pop" the bottle back into shape when needed.
4. A second person should light a match and blow it out as soon as it starts burning well.
Hold the smoking match to the open end of the bottle while the bottle holder "pops" the bottle back into shape. Quickly screw the cap back on the bottle before the smoke escapes.
5. Observe the inside of your bottle. Write your observation down. Now squeeze the bottle and release several times.
6. Carefully squeeze the bottle, hold the pressure on and observe what is inside. Record your observations.
7. Release the pressure on the bottle. Observe and record your findings. Answers questions 1 - of the Analysis and Conclusions section.


1. After placing smoke on bottle/ before squeezing:

2. After repeated squeezing and releases:

3. While squeezing:

4. While released: