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Lesson Plans
I'm Late, I'm Late, for a Radioactive Date!
Student Sheet #4.1
Group Investigations using

Name: ______________________________________

Group 1 will go to the section called Measurement Procedures.

Group How Did Site Clean Samples? # of Samples from Original Cut

Group 2 will go to the section called Controls.

Controls are used to avoid conflicting results. Identify each of the samples as a variable or control. Tell the type of fabric and the age of the sample. Look at the paragraph before this section and tell the type of cloth of the Shroud. Do the all the samples match?
Sample Variable or Control? Fabric Type Age of Sample Does Sample Match Shroud?

Group 3 will go to the section called Removal of Samples from the Shroud.

What was the size of the one sample taken from the shroud?  _______________

This one sample was divided into three samples of what size? ______________

On what date was the sample taken? _________________________________

Which laboratories did this as a blind study?  ___________________________

Which labs did part of the study as a blind study?  _______________________