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Change or Adaptation:
How Do Plants and Animals Survive Extreme Environments?
Penguin Fact Quest - Data Sheet

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What is the temperature at Davis Station in Antarctica?    
What is the time difference between here and Antarctica?    
What is the current weather condition at Macquarie Island?    
How many species of penguin are there?    
Name the species of penguins that are native to Antarctica.    
What are their favorite foods?    
What is the average life span of Antarctic penguins?    
What adaptations do penguins have that allow them to survive in Antarctica? (Be specific.)    
How does the penguin's bone structure help it to swim better?    
How are the penguin's wings different from other birds'?    
On average, how quickly do penguins swim?    
How do Adélie penguins reproduce?    
What is the father's role in the reproduction of emperor penguins?    
What are the enemies of the Antarctic penguins?    
Can you describe another adaptation that penguins have to deal with their environment?