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Lesson Plans
Change or Adaptation:
How Do Plants and Animals Survive Extreme Environments?
Cactus Inquiry Diary

Name _______________________________

Directions: After being assigned a cactus, use the following Web sites to find the facts listed below.

What is a Cactus?
This site provides information about the defining characteristics of cacti.

Desert Plants and Wildflowers
In the center column you will find links to pages of information on various cactus plants indigenous to the United States, including the barrel cactus, cholla cactus, and saguaro cactus.

1. Cactus assigned

2. Latin name

3. Where does it live?

4. Describe the environmental conditions in that location.

5. Average life span

6. Adult size

7. How many inches grown per year

8. Shape

9. Color

10. Does the cactus produce flowers or fruit?

11. Is it a host?

12. What animals eat this type of cactus?

13. How does it defend itself from prey?

14. Name three contributions this cactus can make to the environment in the desert.


A. ________________________________________________________


B. ________________________________________________________


C. ________________________________________________________