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Lesson Plans
Change or Adaptation:
How Do Plants and Animals Survive Extreme Environments?
Laboratory Practical Set-up Guide

Station # Items Change/Adaption
1 Bunch of grapes and a small bowl of raisins Change
2 Wig Adaptation
3 Cucumber and a pickle Change
4 Ice and water Change
5 Piece of leather and a shoe Change
6 Fake fingernails Adaptation
7 Picture of a baby and a picture of an adult Change
8 Any book and movie of the same title Adaptation
9 A picture of a sheep and a piece of wool Adaptation
10 A picture of a football player in pads and helmet and a person without any protective gear Adaptation
11 Any plant seed and a live plant Change
12 A piece of wood and a sheet of paper Change
13 A piece of rubber and a pair of sneakers Change
14 A picture of an air conditioner and a paper fan Change
15 A block of wood and a pencil Change