Program 2 in this series of The Internet in Action looks at the contributions technology can make to the elementary school classroom, and at the care that educators have to take to ensure that technology is used efficiently and effectively. In addition to showing specialists demonstrating strategies for integrating Internet resources into social studies projects, this program considers the impact of the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) standards for teachers and students, and introduces online communication tools developed specifically with teachers in mind.

Interdisciplinary Projects
Learn about some of the theories behind the interdisciplinary approach to learning, and think about how interdisciplinary projects may work in your classroom.

Featured Project: The Revolutionary War
Take an in-depth look at the interdisciplinary project featured on The Internet in Action. This section includes lesson plans.

Creating Lesson Plans
Learn how to plan, prepare, and assess lesson plans that involve the use of multimedia resources.

ISTE - the International Society for Technology in Education
In this section, you'll find out about ISTE - its missions and goals, and the services it offers teachers and students, including the National Education in Technology Standards (NETS).

Online Communications
Take a closer look at two online communications tools developed by Scholastic and featured in The Internet in Action.