Student Organizer-Activity One
       Figuring out where the world's Jewish population currently lives

  1. Below, you will find the name of a country and the number of Jews living in that country.
  2. There are a total of 13 million Jews worldwide. Using this number and the figures below, determine what percentage of the total Jewish population lives in that country. (Note: There are many other countries that serve as home to Jews. However, their numbers are too small for our purposes.)
  3. Find the total population of each country listed. Use the Internet for help. (The Web site is very helpful.)
  4. Calculate what percentage of each country's population is Jewish.
Country Number of Jews living in country % of total Jewish population worldwide living in that country Total population of country listed Percentage of Jewish population in that country
United States 5,800,000      
Israel 4,847,000      
France 600,000      
Russia 550,000      
Ukraine 400,000      
Canada 360,000      
United Kingdom 300,000      
Argentina 250,000      
Brazil 130,000      
South Africa 106,000      
Australia 100,000      
Hungary 80,000      
Belarus 60,000      
Germany 60,000      
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