Claris Home Page Overview
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Use this Overview to help you and your students build Web pages.

1. When you start Claris Home Page, a new page will open automatically.

Image #1: The Home Page tool bar contains most of the tools you'll use.

2. Give your Web page a title. Enter the title on the blank page on the screen. The title should be bold and larger than the body text. To change the size of your titles, highlight the title you wish to alter, go to the Format pulldown menu, and choose the size you want. Experiment with different sizes until you find the one you want.

3. Enter your text. If you have already typed your text and saved it in a word-processing application, find the file the text was saved in and open it. Select the text, copy it, and paste it into your Web page.

4. To insert an image, put the cursor at the spot on the page where you want your picture to go. Click on the Insert Image button, and a dialogue box will appear. From the dialogue box, highlight the image you want and then choose Open. The image will appear where your cursor is placed.

5. If you want to align the text and pictures, select the items you want to align, and click the appropriate alignment buttons on the tool bar.

6. Save your page! Select "Save" from the pulldown File menu to save the page.

7. If you want to link your homepage to another page that you've created, highlight the text or image that will become the link, and click the Insert Link to File button on the tool bar. A dialogue box will open; highlight the folder containing your HTML pages, and select a page to link to. Click on Open.

8. If you want to link your homepage to another Web page on the Internet, highlight the text or image that will become the link, click the Link to URLs button on the tool bar, and type the Web page's URL in the dialogue box. Then press the Enter or Return key on your keyboard.

Image #2: Enter a URL in the Link to URLs dialogue box.

9. Test your home page. Use the Preview in Browser button to view the page as Web users will see it. Test the image and links to make sure they function properly. To make corrections, click the Edit Page button and make the necessary changes.

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