ClarisWorks Slide Show Overview
Paul Robeson: 20th-Century Renaissance Man, Hero in Any Century

To create slides from a word processing document:

1. Open or create the document from which you want to run the slide show. Each page you create in the word processing document can be turned into a slide. It's easiest to think that while you're creating each page in the word processing document, you're creating a slide.

In order to add pictures to your slides, use the Insert command from the File pulldown menu.


Choose the item you want to insert (graphics, movies, and/or illustrations) and add it to your document.


2. After you've finished creating all the pages (slides) of your presentation, choose Slide Show from the View menu.

Slide Show

3. In the Slide Show dialog box, set any options you want. You may want to try out some options and decide which ones you like best. Click start. You can select "Advance Every __ Seconds" in the Slide Show Dialog box and ClarisWorks will show each slide in sequential order until it reaches the last one.

Slide Show

If you choose to run the slide show manually, do the following:

To advance to the next slide, click the mouse button or press the Space bar on your keyboard.

To return to the previous slide, press the Left Arrow, Page Up, or Shift-Tab on your keyboard.

To advance to the end of the slide show, press End on your keyboard. To stop the slide show, press q or Esc on your keyboard.

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