Rain Forest Rally

The earth has many rain forests, both tropical and temperate, that affect the overall welfare of the earth. In this lesson, students discover facts about rain forests and learn to appreciate their importance in our lives.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:


Curricular Uses:

Rain Forests

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Understand the world-wide value of tropical rain forests.
  • List the common products that come from rain forests.
  • Recognize how important rain forests are to our daily lives.
  • Recognize that tropical rain forests are inhabited by animals that have many adaptations to protect them from predators.
  • List and describe the layers of rain forests.

    Use of Internet: Student will use the Internet as a research tool.

    This lesson was developed by Betty Paulsell, wNetSchool Master Teacher, and was funded by the Louis Calder Foundation.

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