Virtual Polyhedra and the Real World

Here's a recommended pathway to follow as you complete your Web lesson:

  • Use the programs Virtus VR , Virtus WalkThrough, or Virtus WalkThrough Pro (all by the Virtus Corporation) to create geometric solids that can be manipulated in a walk-through virtual environment. You may record animations of scenes created interactively by navigating through their scene.

  • Read the book: PRINCIPLES OF THREE-DIMENSIONAL DESIGN by Wucious Wong, Van Nostrand Reinhold, N.Y., 1977. The book describes the layout of the five Platonic solids and some of the Archimedean solids. It provides excellent examples of the sculptural possibilities of polyhedra models.

  • Create large-scale polyhedra models out of tires, PVC tubing, electrical conduit, stained glass, and/or Plexiglas. Involve parents and community to tap into expertise, materials and donations that can support your venture.

  • Create Web pages with illustrations of your polyhedra models. Using a scanner, digital camera or graphic design software, you can create digital images that can be included on your class site.

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