Stocking up for the Next Millennium

Students look back on the inventions, concepts, cultural items, and literary contributions of the past one hundred years. As a class, the students determine the things that have survived through the 20th century, think about why these things have survived, and finally, compose a presentation based on the research they do in favor of one thing that should withstand the 21st century.

Grade Level:

5-12 (The concepts and ideas should get more sophisticated as the students get older.)

Subject Matter:

Language Arts, Social Studies

Curricular Uses:

Writing, Current Events, History

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  •   Gain exposure to a wide range of information available on the Internet, including biographies, timelines, company reports, photographs, and text.
  •   Write a persuasive piece, making a case for their selection.
  •   Study the item in question, its purpose in society, and the benefits it brings to future generations.

    Use of Internet
    Students use the Internet as a tool for research, communication (with peers or experts) and collaboration.

    This lesson plan was developed by Anna Chan Rekate, a teacher at the Manhattan School for Children in New York.

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