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Migrating Birds Students explore the migratory patterns of various animals using the World Wide Web. This lesson is inter-disciplinary in nature, requiring students to utilize and expand mathematical, life science, language arts, and analytical thinking skills. Each student will keep a journal in which they will record information about the animals being studied and their specific migration routes, times, and encounters. Students will plot the migration routes of various animals on a large wall map over a period of time. Students will compare and contrast the migratory habits of the animals and search for patterns that exist among the diverse species.
Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Science, Social Studies, Language Arts

Curricular Uses:

Science: life science, ecology, diversity of living things

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • compare and contrast migratory routes and habitats of various species.

  • understand the impact that humans have had on migrating species.

  • identify the factors that determine migration.

  • utilize WWW search engines to access and compile specific information.

  • access migratory information from specific WWW sites.

  • analyze numerical and textual information to construct migratory routes in graphical form.

    This lesson was funded by the Louis Calder Foundation.