Presentation Worksheet
Tracing Math's Evolution

Print this page, and use it to help you complete the lesson.

Your group will choose one of the mathematicians you researched and develop a presentation about him/her. You will share your presentation with the rest of the class.

Decide on jobs for each member of your group. All of you should be involved in both preparation and presentation.

In your presentation, try to answer following questions:
  • Where was this mathematician born?
  • What was his/her date of birth?
  • Where was he/she educated?
  • What was his/her contribution to mathematics?
  • Why is this an important contribution?
  • Do you know why he/she chose his/her career?
  • Do you know if he/she made his/her living from mathematics?
  • Was he/she famous during his/her lifetime?
  • Where and when did he/she die?
  • What impresses you most about this mathematician?

Did your mathematician invent anything that is used today?

Was his/her work used in other inventions?

If you can find any objects or pictures of objects that are related to your mathematician's work or life, use them as part of your presentation.
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