Grizzly Bear Web Resources and Research Questions
The Great Grizzly

Use these Web sites to help you find the answers to the questions below and your own grizzly inquiries.

The Bear Den -- Brown and Grizzly Bears

Meet the Bears

The Bear Den -- Brown Bear

The Bear Den -- Match the Bears

The Bear Den -- Bear Conservancy Organizations

The Cub Den -- Ten Facts about Bears

NATURE -- Walking with Giants

The Total Yellowstone Page -- Bear Stories

Bear Watch


Appearance & Behavior
1) What color is a grizzly bear's fur?

2) What is the weight of an average adult male grizzly bear (in pounds)?

3) What is the difference between grizzly bears and brown bears?

4) How fast can grizzly bears run?

5) What is the life span of a grizzly bear in the wild?

6) How often does an adult female grizzly bear give birth to cubs?

7) How common are bear attacks on humans?

Habitat & Diet
8) What kinds of habitats do bears prefer?

9) What do grizzlies eat? Are they herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

10) What senses does the grizzly bear use to find food?

11) What do grizzly bears do in the winter?

Conservation & Protection
12) What is the estimated number of brown bears in North America? How has this number changed in the last 200 years?

13) What is the main reason that grizzly bears are endangered?

14) When a naturalist raises a bear cub that has been orphaned, what are some challenges the naturalist faces? How can these challenges be overcome?

Write down 5 additional questions and answers about grizzly bears.






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