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Dynamic Earth

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The following sites will help you complete your Web activities:

Museum Of The City Of San Francisco -- Ninetieth Anniversary Of The Great Quake
The site includes testimonials and stories from real survivors of the Great San Francisco Quake of 1906, interesting links, and photographs.

Earthquake Intensity (Modified Mercalli Scale)
The Nevada Seismological Laboratory's site includes a detailed explanation of the Modified Mercalli scale.

Richter Magnitude
The Nevada Seismological Laboratory's site includes a detailed explanation of the Richter scale.

USGS Learning Web: Understanding Maps
A well-designed tutorial to help students read various types of maps.

Mapmaker, Mapmaker, Make Me A Map
An informative site about cartography.

PEPPSN Earthquake Database
This site maintains an excellent database of recent earthquake activity. It is presented in an orderly, logical format.

National Earthquake Information Center -- World Data Center For Seismology
The National Earthquake Information Center Web site collects and disseminates information about recent earthquakes.

Live Earthquake Maps
An interactive map of recent earthquake activity.

Earthquake Information Center -- Weekly Earthquake Map
A world map showing earthquake activity in 1998.

Savage Earth
The WNET Web companion piece to the PBS series, SAVAGE EARTH. It includes great animations of earthquake and volcanic activity.

List Of Holocene Volcanoes
This site contains a list -- using latitude and longitude -- of volcanic eruptions in the past 10,000 years.

World Volcano Map
A map of recent volcanic activity (1987-1995).
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