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Cyber Chow Combos
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Procedures for teachers is divided into three sections:
Prep -- Preparing for the lesson
Steps -- Conducting the lesson
Extensions -- Additional Activities


Students need the following supplies:

Bookmarked site:

Introductory Activity:

  • Watch CYBERCHASE: A DAY AT THE SPA with your students. Have students note how the characters use lists as they watch. Review their findings once complete.

    Activity Directions:

  • For this activity, students may work individually or in pairs.

  • Distribute copies of the Cyber Chow Combos Organizer to students. Read the directions as a class, reviewing methods for counting combinations if necessary. You can only choose one item from each category (sandwich, drink and dessert). Remind students that when making lists, they can save time by using the first letter of an item instead of writing the whole word out.

  • Allow students to complete the first two questions on their own. Have students compare and check their answers using a different method.

  • For an additional challenge, let students make up more foods to add to the menu, and see how many combinations they can make if there are 5 or 6 choices for drink, sandwich, and/or dessert. Students realize the list doesn't work any more as there are too many choices. Students should realize they can multiply the number of choices in each category to arrive at the number of choices.


  • Tell your students that our friend Harry from the sandwich shop in A DAY AT THE SPA is moving on to start his own food shop that specializes in trail mix. But he needs some help in creating his new list of trail mix combinations.

  • Ask students to figure out how many varieties of trail mix Harry could offer at his shop if he started with the following three variables: raisins, toasted oat cereal, and shredded coconut example. Begin the list together as a class, then give groups of students the ingredients to work with and complete the list.

  • Once students complete this, add in another variable, such as dried fruit, and start a new list.

  • When done, eat the trail mix!


    Cross Curricular Extensions: Have students investigate food combinations at their favorite fast food restaurant or the school cafeteria. Does the restaurant list every possible combination on its menu? Students might examine a pizzeria to determine how many different kinds of pizza they could order using different toppings. Look at the school cafeteria menu to find out how many different combinations of food can be ordered for lunch.

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