Join the Debate: Should Humans Be Cloned?

After visiting several Web sites related to the topic of cloning, students will be asked to consider the following questions and post their responses, in the form of well-conceived essays, to a discussion forum devoted to cloning on wNetStation's INNOVATION Web piece. Should the cloning of humans be permitted? For what reasons would a clone be acceptable and for what reasons not? Is it ethical, or otherwise questionable, to create a clone if a person could not reproduce in any other way? Should cloned cells be "harvested" and grown in the laboratory into specific organs for use in life-saving transplant surgery? With information they have collected and analyzed, students will develop and write persuasive essays, presenting their views on the topic of cloning.

This lesson was developed by Master Teacher Al Doyle, Poly Prep, Brooklyn, NY.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Biology, Technology, Social Studies, Language Arts

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Browse the Web to research the topics of cloning, medical ethics, and innovative medical technologies.

  • Discuss ethical issues surrounding cloning.

  • Participate in online discussion forums concerning cloning.

  • Develop and write persuasive essays.

  • Post their essays to a threaded discussion forum.

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