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The Queen's Empire
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This lesson is inspired by wNetStation's NATURE: SECRET GARDEN Web companion piece. Students will conduct Internet research on a variety of ant species and their habitats. The goal of this lesson is to allow students an opportunity to observe ants in their environment. Areas of interest might include ant identification, colony life, the ant life cycle, and queen ants. After conducting research -- including accessing online discussion areas, and sharing information with each other -- students will create ant farms in the classroom to continue their observations.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:

Science, Language Arts, Social Studies

Curricular Uses:

Science: Study of insects and animal behavior, scientific note-taking, ecology, insect habitats in other countries

Language Arts: Reading, research, journal writing

Social Studies: Field trips, research, study skills

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

  • Utilize the Internet to conduct research and compile factual information on ant identification, colony life/mounds, life cycle, and queen ants.
  • Identify at least five species of ants.
  • Discuss and list characteristics of each ant species.
  • Construct an ant farm.

This lesson was developed by Nancy Vélez, Associate Director, NTTI, and was funded by The Louis Calder Foundation.