Alcohol Addiction and Its Effect on the Body

Using resources from wNetStation's Web companion piece to MOYERS ON ADDICTION: CLOSE TO HOME, students will conduct research on alcohol addiction and its affect on the liver. The goal of the lesson is to create a classroom environment where students may discuss how alcohol affects individuals, their bodies, and their behavior. Students will use the Internet to research facts about alcohol abuse, discuss their findings, and create a Web site that will include many resources for students and parents to use. If publishing a Web page is too much, the students may create a Power Point presentation and share it with parents, the principal, and other classes.

Grade Level:


Subject Matter:


Curricular Uses:

Health, Physiology, Psychology

Learning Objectives

Students will be able to:

This lesson was developed by Nancy Velez, Associate Director, NTTI, and was funded by the Louis Calder Foundation.

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