Research Log
African American Scientists

I. Use the following Web sites to help answer the questions on the Worksheet.

  • Garrett Morgan

  • Yahooligans

  • The Faces of Science: African Americans in the Sciences.

  • Honoring African American Astronauts

    II. Choose one scientist or inventor to focus on.

    My Scientist: _________________

    Web sites that are relevent to my scientist:





    III.Take notes on important facts and information as you do your research. Things to consider as you do your research:
    1. Look for personal information that would be appropriate to use in a creative journal entry. Keep in mind that, based on your research, you will be writing a journal entry from the point of view of the scientist.
    2. Look for historical information about the place and time this person lived and worked. Gather facts about the field of science this person succeeded in. Keep in mind that you will be using this information to present your scientist to the class.

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