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African American Scientists

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Questions Answers
1. I invented the gas mask and the electric traffic light.
A. Benjamin Banneker

B. Guion Bluford

C. George Washington Carver

D. Charles Richard Drew

E. Lewis H. Latimer

F. Elijah McCoy

G. Ronald McNair

H. Garrett Augustus Morgan

I. Dr. Daniel Hale Williams

J. Mae C. Jemison

K. Madame C. J. Walker

L. Annie Easley

2. I invented an oiling device for industrial machinery and thus caused the creation of the term the "real McCoy" which means the "real thing."
3. I was the first female African American to become an astronaut and fly in space.
4. I was a member of the Challenger crew that exploded in 1986.
5. I invented the first striking clock to be made completely in the United States.
6. I was a famous surgeon.
7. I worked for NASA and developed computer codes.
8. I served as an expert witness in the court battles over Thomas Edison's patents.
9. I was the first African American in space.
10. I learned 300 uses for the peanut.
11. I developed a system to produce plasma separate from the blood matter.
12. I was one of the first American women to become a millionaire due to my invention.
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