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Season three of the most phenomenally popular series in MASTERPIECE history is coming January 6, 2013.With a cast including Dame Maggie Smith, Elizabeth McGovern, Hugh Bonneville, Dan Stevens, and new for next season — Shirley MacLaine, anticipation is building.

Keep yourself sated about all things Downton Abbey on THIRTEEN.

Downton Abbey, Season 3:

For more Downton Abbey videos, visit PBS Masterpiece online.

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  • Beryl

    looking forward to season 2 of Downton Abbey. interview with Ms. Mc Govern was so nice, she is a very lovely classy woman.

  • Sara

    Can’t wait! best thing on tv since Remains of the Day and Howard’s End

  • Pamela Lewis

    A splendid series. I am looking forward to season 2 and am certain that it will be just as excellent as the first.

  • Joanne Theodorou

    Love, love, love it! Welcome season 2….hoping Mary and Matthew will “connect”….

  • John

    Along with “The Forsyte Saga”, “Upstairs Downstairs” and “Brideshead Revisted” “Downton Abbey” is one more “jewel in the crown” of PBS programming. It is a splendid series. And, of course, so was “The Jewel in the Crown.”

  • nancy heeman

    Public television is far superior to broadcast and so called premium channels.

  • William j. Fleming

    Why is it The English can make programs like Downton Abbey
    and we make Two and a Half men and Who is Sleeping with
    Your Mother..

  • Pam Patrick

    This series is wonderful! It grips the viewer like “Upstairs, Downstairs” and so many other Masterpiece series did way back when! Thanks you so much, PBS!

  • clara

    I adore this from the beginning, I repeated and repeated it over and over every chapter, trying not to miss
    not even one of them, which I think the more I watch the more I fall in love with it. I am so happy that I am going to watch the following sequences the same way, I appreciate every character regardless of their
    wickedness, we all should contribute as much as we can to keep programs like these being aired, thanks
    channel 13 are the ones that PBS carry in my part of town love you all

  • Annette

    How blessed we are to have this wonderful series. I love each and every charater. For sure I know where I will be every Sun nite enjoying this treasure

  • Dolores Heinze

    I truly connect with British dramas as my parents were from England. Because Downton is so well
    cast and well played, I am caught up in their lives and am worried about their futures in Series11.
    The previews show many sad faces; Bates and Anna are the only people smiling. Does Mathew
    survive the war and in what condition?
    We’ll see.

  • Dolores Heinze

    In response to Mr Fleming’s question, perhaps a European education is better than ours. Perhaps
    a more classical education?
    The difference between the French film “The Dinner Game” and the American version “Dinner For Schmucks” tells all.

  • Rose

    Classiest soap ever! Well written, cast, direction, stories. Historically it is very interesting, fascinating period.

  • Nick

    Was anyone else utterly astounded that PBS decided to have that tacky, “Should Bates tell Anna the truth? Vote on our Facebook page!” banner?

    I mean, I was. I was really astounded. Repulsed, even. Who the heck does 13 have doing their ‘social media’? Were they at some meeting about getting the younger demographic involved, and someone said, “oh, the kids! They love voting! And Facebook!”

    I don’t know what it would take, but I beg you all, don’t do that stuff. That’s what the kids (and adults, I suspect) are coming to 13 to escape.

  • Kathleen McKiernan

    Cheap. Common. Commercial – Thirteen’s pandering to lowest level attention span doesn’t deserve full sentence commentary.

    If this downward spiral in programming continues, we’ll seriously reconsider being members of such a pretentious enterprise.

  • Ralph

    Fantastic Series!!!! But on another subject: I am totally enamored by the perfect English spoken by the characters, particularly the Granthan family and Carson. Any student who wants to perfect their English skills should watch Downton Abbey.

  • james

    I agree 110% with Nick. Please don’t do that tacky thing again.

  • Dorothea

    I must agree that I was greatly surprised and disappointed by the interference of the banner during the program, and your asking that question to be responded to on facebook. As others have commented, one of the reasons we watch PBS is to NOT be bothered with that nonsense. I loved the first Downton series and I couldn’t wait for the second part which I’m enjoying also, but I would ask you to desist with this practice. I can’t even recall how many years I’ve been a PBS viewer, but this is one of the very few things that really offended me.

  • Tanya

    Watching Downtown Abbey is like seeing an old friend. I’am so glad they are back! What a wonderful series, PBS does it again!!!

  • Debbra

    A wonderful series that I will look forward to seeing again and again BUT NOT with the facebook nonsense. What we come to PBS for (my husband, my 10 year old twins and myself have watched ONLY PBS, 13, 21, 165, 160 and 169) for the past ten years. We escaped the commercials and constant interruptions that interfere with opportunity to just sit and watch and be taken in by the show, be it Nova, Masterpiece – without interruptions. These are slowly creeping in, with the PBS logo at the bottom announcing the next show while the current one is still playing. Don’t loose what is so precious, so unique about PBS.

  • Mark

    I Totally agree with Nick. I hope someone from W/NET is reading these comments.

  • Mary

    Longing to know what the audience numbers were for Episode 1 of Season 2…

  • Gary M

    I am so glad that “Downton Abbey” is back for a second season! This show truly is a masterpiece! I feel like I’m learning so much about history just by watching it. I wish that most shows on TV would be so artistic and of quality!

  • Ben@thirteen.org

    @Mary: The New York Times reported 4.2 million viewers tuned in to episode 1 – see: http://artsbeat.blogs.nytimes.com/2012/01/10/downton-abbey-delivers-big-audience-for-pbs/?ref=television

  • Anne

    For those of us not having the ability to tape a missed program, it would be wonderful if Channel 13 would list when (and what channel) the repeats would appear. Not everyone is available at 9pm Sunday, for several weeks in succession. I waited about a year until Downton Abbey first season was repeated to pick up a missing episode. Thanks.

  • Debs/E20Launderette

    @Anne: All of the complete episodes are on THIRTEEN’s site. You can find them by clicking the ‘VIDEO’ button on the menu bar at the top of the page. You can catch up there — then come to the Downton Dish to chat about it!

  • David N. Bergeron

    I was watching all of the season 1 episodes on Netflix when I saw that season 2 was about to start up.

    So far, season 2 has thoroughly captured me. Hope it continues to be just as great as their first season!

    Best wishes to all of the cast and supporting members.

  • Jane Dickler Lebow

    I hope that any episodes airing after 30 Jan. and before 29 Feb. will be repeated. How in the world could I bear not knowing what is happening to the Gramtham household and Matthew and Isobel Crawley? I am quite sure that I can’t get PBS where I’m going.

    If not, I leave it to all of you to enjoy the episodes I may miss. The first two have been just great!

  • Dan

    Is Downtown Abbey episode 2 repeating at 1 AM Tuesday morning as your website listings indicate? According to the NYDN and the NYTimes, it’s supposed to be something else. I hope your website is correct since I missed Sunday’s episode.

  • Carlotta Giglio

    Thank you PBS for the wonderful “gift” of Downton Abbey. Eagerly awaited the premiere of Season 2.
    It did not disappoint. Can’t wait for part 3 this Sunday. I have hopelessly fallen in love with Matthew and Mr. Bates. My fingers are crossed for Mary and Anna.

  • Carlotta Giglio

    Thank you PBS for the wonderful “gift” of Downton Abbey. Eagerly awaited the premiere of Season 2.
    It did not disappoint. Anxiously waiting for Part 3 this Sunday. Have fallen hopelessly in love with Matthew and Mr. Bates. My fingers are crossed for Mary and Anna.

  • kenpuck

    Thanks, Channel 13, for Downton Abbey…really enjoying the series. I haven’t contributed a nickel to PBS — and wouldn’t under any circumstances — but I sleep just fine. Again, thanks.

    • Ed

      Are you familiar with the condition Schizophrenia?
      You may want to look into it.

  • maria

    I loved downtown and couldn’t wait for the following week during seasons 1, 2 and 3.. season 4 – Mary’s love interests seem so weak coming off such a tremendous love story. I am sad that if a new character for her love interest isn’t introduced in season 5 the show will lose my support and many of my friends who have been there since day 1. let’s hope for a turn around in season 5 and bring a real suitor in! thank you!