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Previews begin October 2007. Premieres January 2008.

Web Exclusive: It All Starts with the Sun
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Far from being a “new” or “alternative” energy source, solar energy is what makes all life on earth possible. It’s been that way for millions — even billions of years. In this Web Exclusive video, Dr. Amy Litt of the New York Botanical Garden explains how all energy on earth — from the food energy we put into our bodies to the gasoline we put in our cars — derives from the sun. And the chlorophyll in plant life is what starts it all…

Amy Litt, Ph.D. is the Director of Plant Genomics and Cullman Curator at the New York Botanical Garden’s International Plant Science Center.

  • Mocilnikar from Maybee, MI

    Great Program, thank you! Until we can make Fission work on this planet or figure out how we can capture and use solar energy appropriately, why not focus on nuclear energy and create disposable rockets to send radioactive waste into the sun?

  • Gladys Deniz

    Can we reproduce cholorphyll molecules in the lab?

  • Ari A Pieniek

    Very informative and educational. I am forwarding this link to my grandchildren. Thank you.

  • Rich

    Can this site show the captioning for the shows?

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