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Previews begin October 2007. Premieres January 2008.

Watch the Full Episode: “Survival”

Mark E. Davis, a successful chemical engineer, never dreamed that he would reinvent his career and create a revolutionary kind of cancer drug. But everything changed when his wife was diagnosed with breast cancer. 10 years later, IT-101, the nanoparticle drug he engineered, was approved for a six-month trial in humans. Also, meet a group of young, hopeful scientists who are setting their sights on a resource that provides enough energy in one hour to power the entire globe for one year-the sun. They believe they can create an “artificial leaf” that uses sunlight to split water into hydrogen and oxygen.

  • Roger Evenson

    A wonderful video, an even more wonderful effort by a bunch of great people dedicated to improving life. More trials, we must make this available to all who need it. To hell with government regs. Let patients and doctors choose their own methods of treatment.

  • frustrtated

    Clips work fine. Able to slide through the timeline… Watching a full episode sucks, the player is different, video choppy and cannot scan through video with slider.

  • Irene

    This show was so amazing. I have told so many of my friends that are cancer patients to check this site out and especially your story. You are a blessing to this world if only the fda would approve soon to save or help so many people. I had ovarian cancer 20 yrs. ago and I’m still here after a very long wait for recovery. Thank you for sharing your show with the world.

  • No Slider

    Please activate a slider. Paused show after 45 minutes, came back and had to start from the beginning again so i just quit and left the site.

  • Slider does work

    My prior comment applied to FULL SCREEN. The slider worked for me in the small screen area.

  • Slider does work

    Wait for the file to download, progress show in white in slider bar. You can move anywhere within the white portion

  • Kathe Davis

    Can’t you publish clinical trials specifically for nanoparticle-delivered drugs, rather than making us search through all 71,000 clinical trials nationally. Thank you!

  • HM

    Wow… that is very interesting and amazing. I understand what your saying and it looks like great ideas. I LOVE THIS SHOW

  • Camille

    Does anyone know where they are at in these trials? Are the trials still on-going? How does one sign up for a trial or find a Dr who may know more about this?
    Please help.

  • reynaldo

    necesito saber si se puede encontrar la it 101 en argentina tengo un amigo que tiene un tumor en los riñones mi padre murio con las quimioterapias y sufrio mucho no quiero ver a mi amigo sufrir yo se que las nano particulas de la it 101 atacanan al tumor directamente y no tienen contraindicacciones como las quimioterapia que parece que tienes un alien adentro yo quisiera poder encontrar esa droga aqui en argentina como ago no tengo sufisiente plata

  • Luis Mosca

    Tengo tumor en mi abdomen desde 2006 me operaron en un año aparecio (pseudomixoma peritoneal) nadie sabe con que combatirlo. me opere en el 2011 nuevamente donde estaba muy avansado . Y ahora volvio aparecer y con un grado muy bajo de maligno. donde antes era benigno. Necesito información y con quien puede realizar el ensanyo o tratamiento en Argentina. Necesito que me ayuden.

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