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Previews begin October 2007. Premieres January 2008.

Q&A: Mark Davis

When Mark Davis, a chemical engineer, found out that his wife, Mary, had cancer, helping her survive devastating chemotherapy treatments became his mission. Her treatments became so unbearable that she pleaded with her husband to find a better way. “You can fix this,” she challenged him, and so began a scientific odyssey that led Davis to create IT-101, a revolutionary cancer drug. In the following Q&A, Davis discusses the drug he created and the hope it has already brought.

Q. How and why has cancer been so difficult to treat after so many years?

DAVIS: Cancer is really not a single disease – it is really over a 100 different types of diseases. What I mean by this is that lung cancer is different from breast cancer that is different of other types of cancer. Additionally, cancer is your own cells “gone mad” so the recognition of them from yourself is very difficult. These and other issues make cancer a very difficult disease to treat. However, the molecular level understanding of cancer is progressing at a very fast pace now and I believe that we will see spectacular advances in the near future as we exploit this new understanding.

Q. Please provide a quick background on how you came to develop IT-101.

DAVIS: This is the Curious story. I am an engineer so my approach was to ask what are the essential features that would need to be done to create a new cancer therapeutic that could overcome some of the current limitations. While one can never completely answer the question, certain issues could be defined. I then began to think about how to design a material and system to address those issues. That approach has yielded IT-101 and other new therapeutics that are now coming along behind IT-101. The key was not to take known materials and try to “bandage them up” to make them work, but rather to start from the beginning and build a system that is designed to function appropriately for the specific job.

Q. How does IT-101 differ from traditional cancer treatments? How is it unique?

DAVIS: Again, this is the Curious story. The way I describe it – it is the first de novo designed cancer medicine to reach humans.

Q. Did you have any previous experience with medical or biological research prior to developing IT-101?

DAVIS: Yes. My undergraduate training was in chemical engineering and pre-med. One of my undergraduate research projects was on nerve function. However, as a faculty member, I did not work on this until after Mary contracted breast cancer.

Q. How is your wife doing now?

DAVIS: She is doing fine. At this point, it is the chemo damage that affects her life, e.g., loss of high frequency hearing.

Q. Can you briefly outline and explain the FDA’s clinical trial process and what the different stages are?

DAVIS: Phase I – is it safe and what dose can be given to patients in a safe manner? What are the side effects and are they acceptable? Phase II – first look at how effective it is in a patient population large enough to be able to generate responses that can have statistical significance. Phase III – pivotal studies with large patient populations to see if the proposed therapy (dose level, dose schedule) provides any advance over current therapies.

Q. Where does the IT-101 trial stand now?

DAVIS: It is finishing the Phase I trial and will be moving into several Phase II trials (Phase I can be for all types of cancer but Phase II has to be in specific cancer types).

Q. Were you surprised at the initial success of the trial?

DAVIS: Yes. Especially at the first dosing showing effects.

Q. Has your research been specific to the kind of cancer your first trial patient, Ray Natha, has?

DAVIS: Ray has metastatic pancreatic cancer. IT-101 is not specific to that cancer. Our research has emphasized the creation of new therapeutics that would be broadly applicable to many types of cancer.

Q. How have the trial results compared in people with other types of cancer? Have they been similar?

DAVIS: Other patients have other cancer types. We are seeing effects in other cancer types but I am not able to provide you specific details.

Q. How did your relationship with City of Hope get established?

DAVIS: It was through Mary being treated there.

Q. How is Ray Natha doing today?

DAVIS: Ray is still be treated on compassionate use. He remains stable!

Q. What happens to patients after a trial concludes? Do they still have access to the treatments?

DAVIS: Thus far, patients who have successfully concluded the six-month trial are placed on compassionate use.

Q. Where can people go for an opportunity to participate in trials of experimental drugs?

DAVIS: There is a Web site that lists all the clinical trials ongoing.

Q. What are your hopes for the future of cancer treatment? Might there one day be a prophylactic approach to treatment, whereby patients can take preventative or maintenance drugs?

DAVIS: As I say, this is my dream – prophylactic use. We are, in fact, working on the concept of maintenance therapy right now. It is the logical step toward ultimately getting to prophylatic use.

Q. If all goes well, when do you expect IT-101 to be approved by the FDA and on the market?

DAVIS: Three to seven years.

Q. Have you ever been featured in a documentary like CURIOUS?


Q. Do you think the kind of visibility PBS will bring to you and your work could help with the FDA approval process, and with funding this and other research?

DAVIS: I don’t know about the approval process. My guess would be that it can’t hurt but I am skeptical that it will really help. I definitely hope that it helps in some way though. At this point, it could help get patients to fill our trials faster and that could ultimately help the approval process move quicker. However, I am sure many positives that I have not thought about will come out of the PBS show.

Q. What other research are you working on now?

DAVIS: In addition to our work on therapeutics, we are working on creating new materials for moving ions. Why is this important? We are attempting to synthesize materials to make safer and longer-lasting batteries.

  • travis snell

    Excellent show. I would like to get my mom, a stage-4 lung cancer patient, into a clinical trial and I am encouraged by Dr. Davis’ research. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  • Steven George

    Extremely inspirational program. I commend Mark for his action. I only wish that all of these hospitals and businesses would coordinate resources to find a cure. With so many great minds working on finding a cure and so much money being spread out – we’d have a cure if more worked together.

  • Vincent Dert

    I liked the show. I missed the part where a crude explanation was given how the delivery system worked (was making dinner) Is it possible to see a copy of te show on the internet?

    My sister in law is has 13 3 to 6 mm HCC metastasis in her lungs. The HCC tumor in the liver was succesfully removed in Mainz 3 months ago. Would this drug and delivery system also be effective for HCC metastasis in the lung?

  • Mark Chopping

    This absolutely fantastic story ought to be viewable online asap. It was truly inspirational. Move over NOVA (as excellent as NOVA has been, science often seems to take second place these days: e.g., how to make a Samaurai sword, anyone? Curious is filling a void in 13’s science coverage this Fall).

    Congratulations to the producers and to the participants!

  • Deborah from Royal Oak MI

    I stumbled onto this great program. People like Mark Davis inspire me to be a better human being and always look for better ways to help humanity. Only wish I knew about this 5 years ago when my Mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, like Mary…she now has severe hearing loss from the chemo!
    Again, THANK YOU PBS for continuing to inform and inspire us!

  • Marie Ferguson

    What a great program.
    I was recently had surgery to remove a tumor from my right ovary and I am now receiving Chemotherapy treatments.
    I was so inspired by the whole program that I will tell my friends and family about this new technology and the wonderful work that is being done by all involved. I hope that this will help many more cancer patients like Ray to give them hope and a better quality of life.

  • Mocilnikar, Anton

    Impressive program, 18 hours after watching the program, I’m still fascinated by how humanity struggles against nature. Thank you.

  • Allan Keddy

    Everyone: SHOUT about this discovery from your rooftops! Give anyone ever touched by Cancer reason for hope. Thank God for you, Mary & Mark Davis.

  • Mike Seiler

    Outstanding work! This is a program every middle school should show to their students to inspire a passion for the great adventure that is science. Please make it available online.

  • Dan Gallant, Ottawa Canada

    I just finished watching the program and was impressed with what I saw. To see Ray’s life be changed and how IT-101 came to be was amazing. Keep up the fantastic work!

  • Carol Hautau

    the segment on Mark Davis’s drug was riveting. Please tell me if this will be available online or on DVD. Would love to use it for educational purposes.

  • Phil Jackson

    Please make this episode available on DVD!!! Those of us who saw it need to be able to show it to others. It’s very inspiring.

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  • S. Cassata

    I have ovarian cancer and have been receiving Chemo since 2003. What I particularly liked about your discovery is that it attacks only cancer cells, not normal cells. I have told my oncologist about IT-101 and am going to printout everything I can find and give it to him. Your wife’s suffering has brought about something wonderful…IT-1-1…. Thank you for all your hard work…..

  • Lauren Deutsch

    I was excited to stumble on this series. It’s really great. I’m recommending it to my nephew who is 10 years old but capable of at least 8th grade math. He wants to do biomedical research when he grows up. I hope he can see this program ASAP. It’s much further advance (and interesting) than his 5th grade science and math class. Yipee!

  • Chip Phinney

    Yes, DVD’s would be great! The world needs to see this remarkable man and treatment. I tell everyone I know about the trials. 3-7 years is too long! Another remarkable product that is helping soooo many people is Mona Vie. It’s about nutrition. It feeds your cell what they need to function properly. It’s a super antioxidant and much more. A free radical destroyer. We’ve made a DVD about it and it has made a huge difference in helping people understand what it is. IT-101 needs the same type explanation. Hopefully the program will air more often!

  • Dr. Hana

    Dr. Davis
    Keep exploreing new options!
    Sorry that it’s too late for my husband’s lung cancer.

  • James Ryan

    My daughter (39 years old, with three children) has stage 4 metastic breast cancer, that has spread to her lungs, brain, liver and bones. Can she be considered for a trial with IT-101?

  • Det. Martinez, Bronx, NY

    Dr. Davis, I was extremely impressed with the results of your clinical trial. Your hard work and dedication brings hope to many people who have been touched by this devastating decease. I lost my 9 yrs old son to cancer and I hope that your work provide a much needed cancer treatment option for the benefit of mankind. Thank you!

  • Karin branch

    Thank you so much for the inspiration and hope your discovery brings. I am interested in knowing, if and how, my sister who has advanced pancreatic cancer with liver involvement, could be considered for using IT 101? Her chemo regimens have been working but she is presently struggling with low white blood cell counts making continued treatments difficult. I am anxious to hear your response.

  • Irene Amitrani

    This is what Bud saw on TV last night.

  • Andrew Conner

    Dr. Davis and the people who produce curious. I want to commend you on such a clever way to attack this atrocious disease. I have not had to deal with cancer on a familial level, though I did do somethings to assist them through the horrible experience of chemotherapy. I am going to start sending the word out to more people about this protocol and hopefully can expand the quality of peoples lives as well as their longevity. I applaud you and all your staff for their hard work. I also want to thank curious for introducing it to me, what a wonderful show that I will keep watching. Thank you all so much for educating the public.

  • Letty Sanchez

    Please,I can’t remember the date of a very special program that was aired,but it was about RNA1.Can you please let me know.My grandaughter has the same problem as the lady that couldn’t see,and my daughter doesn’t believe what I told her about what I saw in regards to this.Is there a video or dvd that I can purchase?Thanks–God bless you all

  • Betty Gutierrez

    i have actinic keratoses on my hand, and maybe my arms also. but one biopsy was treatment is with efudex, but is there a better way? and how serious is this type of cancer?

  • Bill Venne

    Dr. Davis,

    I think the work you have done and are doing is fantastic! I wish you and your family all the best and I look forward to following your progress in the months and years to come!


  • Wendy

    This is such an exciting trial. I have recurrent breast cancer. Hoping it is a cure for stage IV breast cancer someday.

  • P&I

    Just saw this last night via WGBH Boston…. a bit surprise that WGBH Boston did not air this earlier.

    Up there with NOVA… BUT much more down to earth. I could understand the basic concepts behind the science because of the way it was presented. Concepts are simple and elegant ! Exhibiting the deep knowledge and creativity behind the idea.

    The show grabbed me… it was aired around midnight and I was ready to go to bed, but instead I watched the whole show.

    Keep up the good work, CURIOUS. Will definitely on the watch out for more shows here up north.

    Too bad, my twins boys chose to stay out east for college. What a great asset Cal. Tech. has for their students !

  • Jack Knouse

    Dr. Davis, I wish you much success. I lost my first wife to ovarian cancer after 33 years of marriage . I lost my second wife to breast cancer after 5 years .The chemo treatments had such terrible side effects. I took care of both wives Janie suffered off and on for 7 years, Denise
    tried to beat cancer for over 2 years. Treatments on Janie included taxol which take you close to death and back. God bless you I hope your drug gets approved.

  • Susan Donnell

    I found this program very exciting. I have friend with rare form of cancer, GIST. I’m hoping this will new research will help. I’m an ovarian cancer survivor myself, so hearing about Dr. Davis research is very exciting.

  • Debbie Wohlgemuth

    Dr.Davis,God Bless you.As I watched the t.v. Saturday night I
    thought I was dreaming when I saw your program.I have just lost my mother due to 4 cancers.She fought for 11 months. In May 07 the cancer was stable.But,it won.My mother lost her battle 10/14/07.I had never known anyone with cancer.As a caregiver it was hard.I’m pleased
    that your wife is doing well and that she pushed you to find a cure
    for this awful disease.To many people are dying from this.I hope Ray continues to do well.I will continue to follow your research.
    thank you so much

  • Irina Iosilevich

    Thank you for this GREAT PROGRAM!!!
    Mark Davis is a ROLE MODEL for teens, they must know about him!

  • Russ

    Dr. Davis, I just saw the rebroadcast documenting your work. What you and your team(s) have accomplished to this point is amazing. I like so many others have been touched by cancer, for me it’s been through family members who have had to fight. I just want to encourage you and others who have given their lives to this research to keep going. Our prayers are with you.

  • Liam

    Excellent new program. Dr. Davis proves once again that sometimes the best way to achieve success in a particular field is to turn to an entirely different discipline,

    This is why it’s vital in this country that we start ‘cross-pollinating” various scientific fields of study; just to see what happens.

  • Bryan Atneosen

    Do you believe the fuel cell information in this link? Thanks, Bryan

  • Christopher B. Hogan M.Ed.

    I am inspired! Dr. Davis. Let me come to work for you. I can educate the world! I was nearly in tears. I believe you have found a cure for cancer… the polymer is brilliant! Funny that “Troy” was running on AMC and “Curious” came on! Meant to be!

  • mhel

    Hi Mark,
    with your big respect i am just asking you if you could help me please, where to get some of your drug to cure for cancer my Mom Doni, have a “Bladder Cancer”, I am truly appreciate.
    Hoping Your Kind and consideration.
    Respectfully Yours,

  • Pam Trieu

    Your research is brilliant! I have been on line reading everything I can about your IT-101 and the City of Hope trials. I’m hoping that you are able to get some trials set up here on the east coast. Boston is only two hours from where we live in Maine, and I would be able to bring my sister there for treatment. She has the spirit of a survivor, but she needs a treatment like this to turn her breast cancer around.

  • Christopher B. Hogan M.Ed.

    Did anyone catch the name of the tree the bark came from in China? Please post. I am also trying to find a recording of the entire episode. It was called “Survivor” Thanks, plaese post or e-mail

  • Jessica

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  • Rebecca98

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  • Diane Nevin

    Dr. Davis, My brother has stage four Lung Cancer. He lives in N.H.
    I told him about the PBS program and your wonderful work. I am trying to find out how he can get more information and possibly get into the trial. The cancer has spread to his bone and lymph nodes. Please help. He’s 56 years old. Thank you!

  • hubert arnall

    Is there a clinical trial in Florida?

  • PJ

    I have heard great things about these trials and am very interested in learning where I can purchase a DVD of the brodcast or learn more about how I can watch it. I have a family member in desperate need of hope and would like to know if this could be an option!

    Can anyone point me in the right direction?

  • Doodee

    Thanks for sharing

  • cherie mauric

    Yes. there are messages here from the east coast. Are there any trials for it101 there. my father also lives in new hampshire with lung cancer and is only 2 hours away from boston. hope can be in any city. it;s in everybodies heart.

  • S Deng

    The tree is Camptotheca acuminata, and called “Xi Shu” (literally happy tree) in Chinese. The anti-cancer agent is Camptothecin, which is a key element of IT-101.

  • Jesspahagolla

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

  • Howard Anderson

    Have Father with Prostrate camcer coud this be a posibel treatment?

  • Bob Meduna Jr.

    Dr. Davis,
    My uncle Bob Ritchmeier, has stage four lung cancer, through out his battle he has been a pillar of strength to all of us, smiling even when news from the doctor is not favorable. Last report from the doctor is that the cancer is advancing and that he has till the end of summer.

    Where can one find information as to if this is an option for Uncle Bob.

  • Judith Zimberoff

    Q. Where does the IT-101 trial stand now?

    DAVIS: It is finishing the Phase I trial and will be moving into several Phase II trials (Phase I can be for all types of cancer but Phase II has to be in specific cancer types).

    Have you chosen the types of cancer you’ll use for Phase II?
    I have a friend with Mesothelioma. He is having an operation and probably chemo after. Would he qualify for your trials?

  • Eileen

    What a great breakthrough and fascinating program on and off the air! I have passed the information along to friends who have cancer. This treatment needs to be approved as quickly as possible to save lives!

  • Jessica

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  • suman

    My sister-in-law has ‘head and neck’ cancer ,its in second stage and she is in India.I want to know will IT-101 work on this kind of cancer and is it available in India and how much will be the expence on it?
    thanks I am looking forward to you

  • Brianne Walker

    Hello Mr. Davis,
    I was interested in the IT 101 clinical trial, but was told that this
    study is closed. A family friend of ours referred us through Dr.
    Mercedes Brenneisen. My father is 60 years old and was just diagnosed in
    February with adenocarcinoma in his right lung. His doctors state that it is
    stage 3B, however he has had no CT scans to see if the cancer has
    spread to anywhere else in the body. We have been through a great ordeal,
    my father is uninsured as he recently lost his business in October. We
    are desperate to get some kind of treatment started. Can you please
    inform me of the process of getting him seen by a City of Hope doctor
    and/or getting involved in a clinical trial.
    Thanks for your time,
    Brianne Walker

  • Brianne Walker

    Hello Mr. Davis,
    I was interested in the IT 101 clinical trial, but was told that this
    study is closed. A family friend of ours referred us through Dr.
    Mercedes Brenison. My father is 60 years old and was just diagnosed in
    February with adenocarcinoma in his right lung. His doctors state that it is
    stage 3B, however he has had no CT scans to see if the cancer has
    spread to anywhere else in the body. We have been through a great ordeal,
    my father is uninsured as he recently lost his business in October. We
    are desperate to get some kind of treatment started. Can you please
    inform me of the process of getting him seen by a City of Hope doctor
    and/or getting involved in a clinical trial.
    Thanks for your time,
    Brianne Walker

  • Mike McElroy

    Great story of Mark Davis and Mary. saw it on PBS here in Dallas,TX and you’ve got a new fan…. me and my wife really enjoy your site. we’ll be visiting frequently.

  • Bertie

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  • Jesspahagolla

    I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well.

  • Anne D’Agnillo

    Dr Davis, My daughter has lung cancer-a squallus lesion. She has had chemo, radiation and a targeted drug Tarseva. Could she be a candidate for your it101 therapy. She is 45 yers old. If not what else could you recommend. Thank you,Anne

  • Dr. Dikengil MD

    37 yrs. old family member was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer on Dec. 2006 and given one to two year survival. He has recieved chemo. to date the cancer has not spread and as a matter of fact the lesion at the mid pancreas reduced to one cm. Unfortunately his doctors at Sloan Ketterin, NY still feel he is inoperable secondary to the proximity of major vessels. His case is very sad not only for him but his wife and 2 small children.. In addition like your program of the gentleman with pancreatic ca. the systemic chemo therapy has wiped him out. We were very encouraged from IT-101 and wondering if he could be a candidate for it to shrinking the tumor further to make him a surgical candidate. I would appreciate a reply. Thank you

  • Elizabeth Nemnich

    Is the DVD of the program shown on TV available for purchase?

  • Howard Davis

    See on Google Dr.Simoncini’s web site on cause and cancer cure.He is an oncologist with some 30 years of using a very safe substance at 5% that cures cancer which Dr.Simoncini believes is caused by fungi!Read his new book in Englishit is amazing.He is no self taught quack,but a trained medical doctor/surgeon/oncologist working in a clinic in Rome.

  • Harriet Dalrymple

    My husband has stage 4 colon cancer metatstic to liver, lungs, and bone. He was diagnosed in March 2006. Is your research in Phase 2 yet and would he be eligible for the study. Your attention to this matter would be deeply appreciated.

    Harriet Dalrymple
    Charlotte, NC

  • Sajni

    Dr.Davis, my nephew, 5 years old, has been diagnosed with Osteo sarcoma. It is the 3rd or 4 th stage. Is there a way the family can get in touch with you. Can he be a cndidate for IT 101

  • Tracy Natha

    Dr Davis,

    Thank you for giving my dad (RAY NATHA) the opportunity to enjoy a few extra years.
    Dad passed away on 25 October 2008.

  • Tammy Simpson

    Dear Dr. Davis,

    My daddy has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He is 76 years old. He is not interested in taking chemo or radiation. Currently, he not experiencing any pain or weakness. He has lost a great deal of weight in the last couple of years. He gets tired when he walks but still works in his garden. He does not complain at all. He has a mass in his left lung and nothing in his right lung. However, the doctor feels that he would not survive with just his right lung. Could he be a canidate for IT-101 ? Dr. Nick Crisson is his oncologist at the Cancer Center in W-S, NC. We would appreciate any response and help that you could provide.

  • Jessica Hoag

    My brother, 36 years old was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma 2 years ago. He had his leg amputated 1 year ago, he now has lung mets in both lungs which surgery cannot help. The only option he is given is Chemo. I don’t think he can withstand any more chemo. Please let me know if he would be elligible for the IT-101. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Brenda Barry

    My husband has prostate cancer with his PSA at 9.5 and gleason at 6. Could he be a candidate for IT 101?

  • Karen Cyr

    Dr. Davis,
    My mother has stage-4 breast cancer with mets to her liver and bone. Her liver is now over 50% compromised and the doctors won’t give her chemo because she is too weak to handle the side effects. She is approaching end-stage but they are telling us fluctuating predictions of time left. She is currently on palliative care. I saw the documentary this morning and its pretty much my last hope. Is there any way that my mother can get on it-101 immediately? I want to do whatever I can, I’m only 23 and am not ready to lose my mom!



  • ellie lans

    Dear Dr. Davis,
    My name is Ellie. I have been treated for ovarian cancer twice before. Each time was just about 10 years apart. I was treated with chemo therapy each time. I was just diagnosed with colon cancer. I am in my seventies, and am wondering if you have treated anyone for colon cancer. I would be interested in any information regarding this. I also am very interested in participating in one of your studies, if that would be a possibility. I greatly would appreciate your response.

  • Jacquilyn Szymanski

    I have stage 4 breast cancer estrogen positive. I’m on my second time with cancer since 8 years. It returned in my oviars, and lung, and adrenal glands, omiues area, and bone and liver.
    I live in Virginia and heard of phase 2 in newport news. Where can I go to find it being used for breast cancer. I pray every day that the IT-101 for breast cancer trails. Do you know when?

  • Li Ning

    Dear Dr.Mark:

    I am Chinese.My daddy has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. He is 65 years old. He is in taking chemo about 5 months. Now, he is very weak. He has a mass in his left lung and nothing in his right lung. Now, the doctor thinks the cancer has been transfered to bone and head. My mom and I feel very sad. I know you from the TV(CCTV). From you, I see hope. Could he be a canidate for IT-101 ? Can you tell me your telphone number and Email, I will call you. We would appreciate any response and help that you could provide. Thank you very much!!!

  • Li Ning

    Dear Dr.Mark:

    I missed an important thing. Doctor diagnosed my father’s cancer is T4N2M1. Could the IT -101 help him?

  • Hope blinski

    Thank u so much for ur research….as an x breast cancer patient…I am grateful to hear about ur discovery and impending help for others

  • Qifeng.Chen

    I am Chinese, It’s depressed for everyone that my Aunt is in cancer again. She is a great woman, self-confident and strong-minded. She was just recover from mammary cancer one year ago. Because of her optimism, she became a dancer during the cure, and a teacher for many villagers. Now She has been diagnosed with Lung Cancer. It seems like chemo is just lengthen life for years or months. My brother her son is just 21 years old, just begin his college. Uncle is an engineer in a factory and seems not good at managing family. The family can’t loss her and neither for us. I konw something about IT101. It’s in Phase II trials and may take years. It also seems hopeless to go abroad and be a patient of the trial for a common family in China. I have no idea. Just ask for your opion with some possibility. Best Wishs!

  • hariz sawssen

    When can we see IT-101 on the market ?
    In Sfax, Tunisia (North africa), we have a great number of patient by cancer. We usually hear by death with cancer. We are afraid and waiting for IT-101 ! Thanks Mark and Mary DAVIS.
    Sawssen HARIZ

  • Remember Lombardi

    Hi Dr.,
    You were a sprinter. You are Marathon Man now, but you are still sprinting. You will be recognized as The Greatest Runner of all time, in all categories of running, very soon. As you have given your life to save others, you will be given back yours multiplied by the joy you are bringing to the countless victims of this most terrible and dreaded plague.

  • George Demiris

    When was this program originally aired ? If it was in October 2007, 2 years ago, what developments have taken place since ,and is IT-101 closer to development for FDA release.

    We are hoping the whole world will be thanking you someday, in the interim , I personally am inspired for possbile treatment for Lymphomia , currently in a marginal stage and I do not want to subject my self to chemo. I ma hoping for alternative treatment when the time comes.

  • John Lin

    Dr. & Mrs. Davis

    I caught the tail end of the program, and was deeply moved by the development of IT-101, and what a devotion and dedication! We all have to thank you (& your family) for the effort to provide a better alternative.

    Several of my family members are going through the difficult process, my uncle is fighting the Stage IV Colon cancer with liver metastases, my sister in law is recovering from stage II breast cancer

    Is there a contact/web that I can fet follow-up information of IT-101? I checked through Clinical Trial site but failed to find the IT-101 program?

    Thank you for your effort to provide for the cancer patients!


  • Marika

    Dear Dr.Davis,

    I’am a hungarian woman and I have breast cancer /invasiv ductalis, stage III./(other informations : HE, HER2, ESTRO, PROG) I saw you in the TV. My illness was diagnosted in 2008 march, I have received 5 chemo already. I would like to ask, that if there is any possibility to participate in any experiment with the medicine IT-101 ? I would appreciate ANY response or help that you could provide. YOU REALLY ARE MY ONLY HOPE !!! Thank you very much your help, in advance!!!

    Kindest regards,


  • Rosti Zacharias

    I live in Sydney, Australia and saw a program on Discovery Channel about your great work on IT-101. I hope this site is being monitored..

    My wife’s brother Simon Leadley is a sound engineer whose name appears on movie credits like Moulin Rouge, Happy Feet, Australia, Master & Commander to name a few, has lung cancer which has spread into his scull and hip. He has undergone a number of chemo therapy treatments but none of the standard drugs seem to be effective in arresting the cancer and his doctor has effectively given up on him.

    It was with great hope and enthusiasm I addressed your work with his doctor but to my surprise, he was not only un-aware of your work but also negative towards looking at the possibility of applying it somehow in Simon’s case.

    I realise your product is not yet commercially available and Simon is apparently no longer able to travel closer to your facilities, but as he now has only months to live, unlike his doctor, I feel I need to explore every avenue so that I know I have done everything humanly possible to save his life.

    I would very much like to hear from you or one of your team members to let me know if there is anything at all that you could offer in the way of treatment for Simon here in Sydney.

    I look forward to your early reply.

    Rosti Zacharias

  • Miloud

    Thanks for your hard work Mark. I am in my last year in pursuing a BS in electrical engineering, and I hope one day to be able to accomplish something that would benefit all humanity.

  • Polly Meriwether Lewis

    I have uterine leiomyosarcoma with metastatis to the lungs. The primary tumor was removed and is not present anywhere else. Do you have participants in the clinical trial with this type of cancer and has it been effective? I am interested in being a participant in this trial. My disease is stable with chemotherapy.

  • T.Haas

    My mother is battling breast cancer for the second time. I have attempted through the FDA to find out if IT-101 is in stage III testing or close to being approved but they refuse to answer my questions.I need to know if IT 101 is available for reoccurring breast cancer patients with cancer in the lungs and bones.

  • V.Fernandes

    Dear Doctor Davis,
    First of all, sorry, my english is very bad, i am french and need your help. After numerous researches concerning the existing treatments and in study against the pancreas’s cancer, I fell on one of your articles concerning your searchs. My father is affected by a pancreas’s cancer, not operable and follows a chemotherapy ( gemzar ) for approximately 4 months but does not seem to react in a positive way to this treatment. We know that the chances of forgiveness are invalid and that there is no validated remedy today allowing a cure. So your researches represent a real hope if it is not to kill this cancer, to spare time. I wish to know if your researches moved, what are the profits and which are the steps to make if we wish to benefit from new medicines since France? Beforehand thank you for any heart to take some minutes of your time to answer me, your researches as well as those of all the persons who work to fight the cancer, represent our only hope today.
    kind regards,
    Virginie Fernandes

  • Peggy K.

    I have ovarian cancer 3rd time and would like to find out if there are any trials handling it101 in the Midwest.

  • Reza

    Dear Professor Mark,
    You are the man of my dream. I am Iranian and graduated in Electrical Eng. I have planned to come to US and pursue my PhD in Texas A&M. Unfortunately, I became aware about my father’s cancer last month.
    He has esophagus adenocarcinoma cancer. He was undergone surgery 20days ago and his tumor was extracted. However, pathology reveals that the local lymph nodes are invaded. His cancer is staged III B, N 2, and M X. His doctor told me that he should undergo chemo and radiotherapy to decelerate the turn over and progress of the cancer.
    I read about your innovative research and want to know that whether it is possible for my father to come to US and get the medicine. I know that it is in clinical trial but I believe in it. Please let me to take my chance to have my father alive and healthy more. I appreciate your answer and consideration in advance.

    Best Regards
    Mohammadreza Dorostkar-Ghamsari

  • Kevin Shi

    Dear Professor Mark,
    I am Chinese. My daddy has been diagnosed with Cancer. I know you from my friend. From you, I see hope. Could he be a canidate for IT-101? Can you tell me your telphone number and Email, I will call you. We would appreciate any response and help that you could provide. Thank you very much!!!

  • 史寅

    Dear Davis:您好!我是一个远在中国的肺癌患者家人,我的父亲现在68岁,于2010年7月8日检查出左下肺鳞癌,并左右纵隔淋巴结转移,属于3B期。父亲辛苦了一生,把我养大,现在却患上了这个病,真希望他能够健康。恳请能获得您的赠药。谢谢您,并祝福您一生幸福!

  • hongwei luan

    Dear Dr. Davis,
    My name is hongwei luan,i come from china,heilongjiang province.
    my mother is a NSCLC patient, shi have passed four times chemotherapy.but the tumor still life,I need your help please ,help us. Thank you very muck.

    I greatly would appreciate your response.

  • rajesh hegde

    i salute to ur attempt and success till now …as there are more knowledged people arround the world who do not even attempt to use their knowledge to discover a peanut in their life time …….i wish i could see ur documentry on the television before as i lost my dad on april this year.he had mellignum mellonoma of rectum …underwent surgerie took interferon cycle of 36miu for 5 days a week for 4 week and was under mentainance of 14 miu but it hit back at the other end of the surgerie ..he fighted till his last breath like a fighter..but before his death i was actually searching for research institutes but failed to get one ,,,,but today waching ur doc. i was happy for others who may face or are in simillar situvations .can ur molecule work for mellignum mellonoma of skin and internal organ.thanks a lot for what u started for ur proud wife………..sir u the man …………………hats off …. thank u….from all of india……………………

  • Lori Crockett

    Thank you for a touching and inspiring story. I am showing it to my 12th grade students to accompany the character development lesson.

  • Patti

    Dear Dr. Davis,
    I was very excited to read your article in “The Magazine”. Your work with nanoparticle medicines sounds very inspiring. My husband has stage !V prostate cancer which has spread to one place on his spine. At this point he is a year and a half into his Lupron treatment. Although we can breathe easily for the moment, we both know that it will stop working at some point and it will be all downhill from there. So far, no one has given us any possible solutions or hope for the future whatsoever. Are you still doing any trials? We are local (Altadena) and would be thrilled and extremely thankful to participate in any upcoming trials you might have.
    PLEASE help us – as you probably know, this is a nightmare that is waiting just around the corner!
    Thank you SO much for putting your heart and soul into this study.
    Please let us know!

  • Bill Pence

    Has Ray Natha continued to be stable since the treatment in 2006? Has he passed the “five year mark?”

  • Vijay

    Ray passed on 24 Oct 2008

  • Sheena

    I am really sorry about Ray’s passing.

    Both Ray & Dr. Davis are great contributors toward cancer treatment.

    I stumbled upon the PBS show just a few weeks ago in 2010.
    I wish my uncle in UK, who suffered from amyloidosis and passed away in 2007 after 3 years of suffering, had access to participation in this study.
    I wish more success to Dr. Davis & his team in their future endeavors regarding cancer treatment.

  • Jackie

    My husband was diagnosed with stage IV colon cancer, with 6 mets to his liver and some local lymph node involvement.
    Please everyone, research research research. Cancer is NOT that difficult to understand. Research alkalinity and cancer. IT-101 is all about the alkaline state.
    Getting the body akaline is NOT a difficult thing to do on your own.
    Also get your mercury levels check and research detoxing such.
    The CURE is hidden in plain sight!!!! Cancer is a big money making industry, don’t let it bankrupt you!

  • janie

    It’s such a pleasure that you’re in this world with us. Have you considered combining this research with other Spiritual or mind over matter excercise or activity?

  • kathrina malinao

    Truly inspiring. I saw this episode featured on tv and i was really happy to know that there has been developments on cancer treatment. My mom died of brain cancer 15 years ago and there was nothing we could do about it. IT-101 is a very promising treatment which gives hope to cancer patients and their respective families. I hope to see this treatment in the future.

  • Nalini Vijayakumar

    I heard about Dr. Mark Davis and IT-101 this evening at CBS news and I was thinking that all cancer patients that are receiving chemotherapy currently will be exhilarated to hear about this. My older sister in India has been recently diagnosed with duodenal cancer and they have not decided yet whether to treat her with radiation or chemotherapy. I called my sister and told her about Mark and IT-101. She is very happy that someone has finally brought hope to a lot of cancer sufferers not only here in U.S. but all over the world. I wish Dr. Davis and his team good luck and success with IT-101. God bless him and his wife!

  • Sheila Rusher Best

    I was in your chemical engineering class. I too have had breast cancer and went through chemo treatments. You have made such a fantastic contribution to cancer patients all over the world. You were always brilliant and you have applied yourself to help humanity. God bless you!!

  • Cherry Mcclimans

    What’s Happening i am new to this, I stumbled upon this I have found It absolutely helpful and it has helped me out loads. I hope to contribute & help other users like its helped me. Good job.

  • bass loops

    You struck the nail on the head there, never was a truer word spoken! Great stuff!

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