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Kinds of Treatment

There are a number of different ways addictions can be treated, but all aim at getting the addicted person to change his or her behavior and, usually, quit using the substance. Many addicted people can recover by regularly attending meetings of self-help groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous or Rational Recovery; many others, particularly those with few life skills or complications such as dysfunctional family situations or mental health problems, need more formal treatment and counseling by professionals and/or need to live in structured, drug-free environments.

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Self- and Mutual-Help Groups

Formal Treatment


Treatment facility

The Ridgeview Institute, a residential treatment facility.

Treatment can include counseling and psychotherapy, behavioral therapy, skill development, peer support and self-help groups, and residential living with a focus on abstinence. Still other recovering people benefit from medications designed to ease drug cravings or block the effects of the drug. Even acupuncture is being tried as a way to reduce drug cravings, with some success. Often, a combination of methods works best, particularly if it takes into account differences among individuals and their special needs.

The articles listed in the menu above explore some common ways in which addicted people can get help with recovery.

-- Janet Firshein

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