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Contest Winner: Britta Merissa Gerdes

About My Mom

I'd like to tell you
about my mom:
She's very courageous,
she's very strong.

My mom had
to fight an addiction.
This is the story
about her affliction:

My mom tried pot
back in high school
All of her friends
thought it was cool
But after she graduated,
She tried a lot more

Never knowing
what life had in store
She went from acid
to speed to coke;
And cocaine was
the one she liked most

She had to find ways
to support her using,
So she spent her nights
bar to bar cruising.

A local dealer
became her best friend
And that's when the trouble
really began:
She sold for him
and he supplied her
She used coke daily
without a care.

Then one day the dealer
had a heart attack
And my mom decided
to never look back.

She threw out her stash,
said good-bye to her friends.
To those she cared for,
she made amends.

We packed all our things
and moved away.
We live somewhere else;
We live there today.

When my mom needs help
she goes to meetings
Where other addicts
extend their greetings.

It's been eight years
since my mom became sober
But the disease of addiction
never is over . . .

It's something you live with
One day at a time;
Sobriety affects
both body and mind.

I'm proud of my mom,
I truly love her.
Each day I thank God
My mom's clean and sober.

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