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the film Till The River Runs Clear tells the story of America's environmental flagship, the Clearwater, which has helped effect a remarkable grassroots transformation of the Hudson River over the last four decades. It's a truly inspiring story. The Clearwater is a traditional wooden sloop that was launched by folksinger Peter Seeger 35 years ago to draw attention to the fact that the Hudson River was so polluted by local industry that it was nearly dead: its waters were foul and black, its banks a wasteland. With its extraordinary crew of committed women and men -- and with funding provided by an improvisational series of music festivals featuring some of America's greatest musicians -- the Clearwater began to offer environmental education and advocacy programs that over four decades have helped turn the Hudson into a swimable river, a place were wildlife thrives. At the same time, the Clearwater has also introduced generations of schoolchildren to environmental concerns. Indeed, the beautiful ship still sails today, serving as a moveable classroom, laboratory, and stage. Till The River Runs Clear interweaves scenes of daily life on the sloop with stories about its exciting history and a consideration of many pressing environmental concerns. It features conversations and music performed by Seeger and his family and friends, as well as interviews with leading environmental experts, activists, and educators. It was created by Kunhardt Productions, the Emmy-award winning documentary film company.

the project Clearwater: Hudson River Rising is an educational initiative funded by the Meserve-Kunhardt Foundation to complement the documentary film 'Til the River Runs Clear. The goal of the initiative is to raise awareness of the Hudson River history and conservation among educators and students. To that end, staff from New York City's public television station Thirteen/WNET and approximately 40 teachers from nine schools along the Hudson River spent a half day sailing on the historic sloop Clearwater in October 2006. On board, they learned about the history of the river, animal and plant life in the river, and the mechanics of the boat. Most importantly, they learned about the continued struggle to clean the River so that it can be enjoyed by future generations.

After the sail, Thirteen's staff designed and developed the components of Clearwater: Hudson River Rising, while the participating teachers contributed to the lesson plans and activities featured on this site. It is our hope that the site will help you bring a few drops of the Hudson to your own classroom.

To take your students on a fun, interactive, educational sail on the Clearwater Sloop, visit

the people Content Staff:
Christopher W. Czajka, Associate Director, LAB@Thirteen
Maria Janelli, Assistant Outreach Producer

Production/Design Staff:
Brian Brunius, Executive Producer
Josh Zizmor, Technical Producer
Stephanie Liu, Designer

Thirteen Online is a production of Thirteen/WNET New York's Kravis Multimedia Education Center in New York City. Anthony Chapman, Director of Interactive & Broadband. Bob Adleman, Business Manager.

Clearwater: Hudson River Rising is a production of the LAB@Thirteen, Thirteen/WNET's Educational and Community Outreach department. Ronald Thorpe, Vice President and Director, Education. Marsha Drummond, Director, LAB@Thirteen. Christopher W. Czajka, Associate Director, LAB@Thirteen.

Judith Brunstein Betancourt, West New York Middle School
Stella Brumberg, P.S. 64X
Carl Carrozza, Catskill Middle School
Wendy Casalino, Catskill Middle School
Krista Catizone, Monroe-Woodbury Middle School
Liz Chipman, Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science & Technology
Per Fosstveit, Monroe-Woodbury Middle School
Arthur Flynn, Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science & Technology
Carli Gazoorian , Catskill Middle School
Catherine Heller, West New York Middle School
Cheryl Holley, Thomas O'Brien Academy of Science & Technology
Laura Hopkins, Lime Kiln Elementary School
Wendy Iodice, Lime Kiln Elementary School
Myrna Kemnitz, M.S. 256
Estelle Kimizaka, P.S. 64X
Deirdre McEvoy, M.S. 256
Colin McLaughlin, Sanfordville Elementary School
Diana Piascik, Sanfordville Elementary School
Cheryl Rosen, M.S. 256
Patricia Scheuermann, Sanfordville Elementary School
Ethel G. Spaulding, P.S. 64X
Linda Taylor, M.S. 256
Nidia Tejeda, P.S. 64X
Beth Thorpe, Monroe-Woodbury Middle School
Claire Tunick, West New York Middle School
Cynthia A. Varrichio, West New York Middle School
Bessie Winter, Sanfordville Elementary School
Virginia Yacavone, Lime Kiln Elementary School
Jeanne Yatto, Monroe-Woodbury Middle School

Special Thanks:
Dyllan McGee, Kunhardt Productions
Greg Swanzey, Executive Director, Clearwater
Linda Richards, Outreach, Clearwater
Joanna Barnum, artist
Appalachian Trail Conservatory
Kraig Anderson,

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