American Masters Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud

John Kuhtik's Fly's Eye Dome

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John Kuhtik has been building domes with modular and repeatable fiberglass parts. His company, EMOD, hopes to

"prototype the Fly's Eye shell, load it with essential equipment to make the dome a house, and make it available to the public at an affordable price. We would like to give families the option of having one parent at home again."
John is almost ready to put up the dome, but has a few more fiberglass panels to construct. His company is seeking funding and donations. The dome will constructed in Bayonne, NJ, sometime this year. The Fly's Eye was Fuller's last dome design, prototyped back in the mid-70s.

Some advantages of the Fly's Eye dome are:
  • low cost, high strength
  • light weight, easily transported components
  • bolt together assembly
  • lower heating and cooling costs than rectilinear buildings
  • stronger and safer than conventional buildings
  • savings on resources and labor: one third less material is used to enclose the same space with a dome than a cube.
EMOD, Inc.
37 Parkview Terrace
Bayonne, NJ 07002-1708
(201) 823-0605