American Masters Buckminster Fuller: Thinking Out Loud

The Hoberman Sphere
and Other Unfolding Structures

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Scroll down to see an expanding geodesic dome invented by Hoberman, who holds five patents in the field he calls "Unfolding Structures."

Discover Magazine called Chuck Hoberman "the Buckminster Fuller of the 1990s." His unfolding spheres and domes bear a visual resemblance to Bucky's geodesic structures. Hoberman thinks the analogy is valid, but his work also differs from Fuller's.

The overarching theme of Bucky's work was "doing more with less." Hoberman says his point of departure is different: the idea of making structures that transform their size and shape. These may seem like different goals, but both approaches involve deep study of underlying principles. Things are designed not to look a certain way, but to act a certain way. The look of Fuller's geodesic domes, like Hoberman's Unfolding Structures, is a natural outcome of their governing principles.

When asked how else Fuller's work has influenced him, he says, "Well, I'm a fan." He adds, "After an extended dry spell, we are seeing a new interest in making innovative structures. If we develop our built environment with technologies that are both forward-thinking and beautiful, we help create hope for the future."

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