Dianne Hauck-Johnson

My mother, Jane, came to GreenPoint, Brooklyn from a farm in Poland in 1938. She never called it GreenPoint, she called it the Northside. The Northside was filled with Polish immigrants. She got a job at the Domino sugar factory …

Alice Reis

Nanuet, New York

My memories of growing up in Brooklyn are as vivid as if they happened yesterday. I lived on Ocean Parkway in the 1940s, where there were bike lanes and bridle paths, which I rode on. This was before the Prospect …


John Brandt

Augusta, Maine

This is me in my early “cosmonaut” days, circa 1954, in front of 201 Clinton Ave in the Clinton Hill/Ft. Greene section of Brooklyn. We lived there until 1972 when the neighborhood was “changing”. Now, I couldn’t afford to live …

Fay Stetner

New York City, New York

The year was 1941 and I was 5. I lived with my parents and sister in a rundown tenement in East New York when one of the first housing projects was built in Brooklyn and we had the good fortune …


Brooklyn, New York

Years ago I lived on Atlantic Avenue, within earshot of a mosque that I never found. I could hear the mullah’s calls to prayer, wafting over the rooftops. After the Twin Towers fell, I heard the 9th Precinct dispatched patrol …


Sheila Archer

Brooklyn, New York

My family lived in Boro Park, 12th Avenue between 36th Street and Chester Avenue, in the 1940s and early 1950s. From the time we could walk, my sister and I spent just about every waking minute outside playing with the …

Gary Shulman

Brooklyn, New York

When I was a child, about 59 years ago, living in East NY, my best friends were Daw Tet and Shlirmy. I never understood a word Daw Tet or his family ever said to me, but always knew we were …

Girls and Commercial 6

Mary Dozier-Mendez

Rahway, New Jersey

My greatest experience was meeting the most wonderful teachers, friends and families through Stephen Decatur JHS 35 and Prospect Heights High School in Brooklyn, New York who remain faithful as friend until death do us part. We have laughed, cried, …

Deborah Ashby

Brooklyn, New York

I remember Downtown Brooklyn in the sixties and the seventies. It was a wonderful, exciting place to shop and visit, especially during the Christmas holiday. Abraham and Straus was a match for Herald Square Macy’s any day. I remember that …

Arlene Glaser

Brooklyn means different things to everyone, but to me it was a time of joyful memories in the 1950′s. Concerts in nearby Prospect Park, as well as paddle/row boats, baseball games & Maypole activities. The Park Circle bridle path and …

Edward Stevenson

New York City, New York

When I was a kid in the late ’40s, early ’50s, I’d visit my dear Aunt Ethel in Flatbush. Their house on Lincoln Road was literally four blocks away from the great Ebbets Field, and in late spring, early summer, …


John Kelley

Brooklyn, New York

I came to Brooklyn as a college student at Pratt Institute in 1973, and pretty much never left. I earned a degree in architecture at Pratt, but wound up becoming an artist instead. I’ve been working on a series of …

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