40th bet 8th and 9th 1945

Dave Draghi

Morristown, New Jersey

Sunset Park Memories – Although born in Park Slope, my family moved to Sunset Park when I was six and stayed till I was thirty-eight. Saw many changes through the years, from watching the blonde-haired Scandinavian groups line up for …

Gary Fisher

New York City, New York

During the early 50s of south brooklyn, at the intersection of brighton beach and coney island avenues, there was an out-of-town newspaper/magazine/tobacco store (aka “the 40 thieves”), the lincoln savings bank and mrs stahl’s knishes (choosing which knish; cheese, kasha, potato …

sally scognamiglio

New York

the year was the early 1950′s. I lived on Hopkinson Ave. between Pitkin and ENY Ave. opposite from the Hopkinson Manor. We had great neighbors & friends, the Rubens, the Silvers, the Tommanos etc. On the corner of Hopkinson & …


David Keller

Brooklyn, New York

I wanted to attach a picture of my grandmother, Florence Lynch (née murphy) who is the character in this story whom I actually knew and who conveyed these stories to me (I also knew her sister Margaret (Marge) Flynn (née …

Digital Camera

Gary Fisher

New York City, New York

Brighton Beach in summer was teeming with day visitors, many streaming down the elevated stairs to begin the short march to and under the boardwalk to the sandy shores. Others rented a day locker from private homeowners along the nearby …


Pacifico Palumbo

Colrain, Massachusetts

I was born in Park Slope. i am an artist. I tell my story of being brought up in Brooklyn through my paintings. I have created a series, over 40 in all, which are about…. Being an Italian brought up …

Tara O'Grady in Coney Island

Tara O'Grady

Woodside, New York

My 17 yr old mother migrated from Ireland and landed in Brooklyn in 1957. New York was foreign to her, with its sights and smells. She missed the green fields of her parents’ farm in Donegal. But when her mother …


My paternal italian grandparents bought a house on Union in the 1930s. My father grew up there. My mother grew up on Prospect Park West. They moved out to NJ to have my sister and I but my Aunt retained …

5 sons photo

michael white

Brooklyn, New York

the five sons of albert and lucia white- 1964 on back porch 410 Van Siclen Ave ENY growing up playing punch ball, ring o levio, skelly great memories

Tom Lemily


Levittown, New York

Brooklyn meant friendships and neighborhoods. Now that I’m 90 there’s very few of my friends left but the memories are still with me! I was born and raised in Brooklyn and worked as Western Union “boy” delivering singing telegrams on …

Kenneth Horstman

Staten Island, New York

During the 50’s, in what we referred to as “South Brooklyn”, 13th Street (between 5th and 4th Aves. ) was cobble-stoned; nevertheless, we never missed an opportunity to play stickball on our home field. Playing on paved streets such as …


Massapequa, New York

Brooklyn, gave me some of the best memories of my life! There were special days, just me with my Dad cheering on “our” Brooklyn Dodgers at Ebbets Field; then a walk to Toomey’s Diner for a treat of toasted raisin …

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