Call the Midwife: Season 6, Episode 3 Recap

Deborah Gilbert | April 16, 2017

(In case you missed it: stream episode 3 online.) ‘Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold when he is only sad.’ ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow I find this quote…

Call the Midwife: Season 6, Episode 1 Recap

Deborah Gilbert | April 3, 2017

Call the Midwife is back, baby (pun intended)! When THIRTEEN asked me to do recaps for the new season of Call the Midwife I thought, wait a minute, how can I recap this show (in my usual nutty style) when they often…

Victoria on MASTERPIECE: Season 1, Episode 6 Recap

Deborah Gilbert | February 19, 2017

Best line of the night: ‘And so the torpid teuton wedges himself yet further into the sagging cleft of power.’ I just love this line so much that, I have no idea how, but somehow I am going to find…

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