Whitechapel Season 2: Organized Crime

Christina Knight | July 27, 2017

Preview Whitechapel Season 2, in which crime gets organized in London’s Whitechapel district.

A Doubletake on Organized Crime

Craig Parkinson as the Kray twins

Craig Parkinson as the second generation of Kray twins – Jimmy and Johnny – in Whitechapel, Season 2. Photo: Laurence Cendrowicz © Carnival Film & Television.

Back in the 1960s, twin brothers — Ronnie and Reggie Kray — ruled the gritty East End of London through violence and organized crime, all while socializing in the glamorous West End with celebrities and politicians. Despite 30 years in prison and their deaths, fascination with the Krays continued after their arrest, fueled by newspaper articles, documentaries, confessions of former associates and walking tours. Cut to the fictional detective series Whitechapel, which follows its first season’s Jack the Ripper copycat mystery with whodunits that bare the Krays’ thumbprints in Whitechapel Season 2: Crime Just Got Organized.

Second Time’s a Charm in Season 2

Whitechapel Season 2

You can tell a man by his drink, and though the team has its differences, the lads can share a table in Season 2. DS Miles (PHIL DAVIS), DI Joe Chandler (RUPERT PENRY-JONES) and Edward Buchan (STEVE PEMBERTON) in Whitechapel, Season 2. Photo: Steve Brown
© Carnival Film & Television

Detective Inspector Chandler and his team more than worked through their differences in Season One: Chandler also saved Detective Sergeant Miles’ life. In Season 2, the team faces shady behavior not just by criminals but by their own colleagues. They must rely on one another more than ever.

Don’t worry that the team’s delightfully rough edges are lost. Insecure Chandler still isn’t sure he’s allowed to pat crusty Miles on the back, and after giving Miles a heartfelt thanks for his remarks at an awards banquet, Miles retorts, “It was only a speech after one too many. Doesn’t mean we’re engaged or anything.”

While examining a man’s mutilated body on the side of the Thames, a now more experienced Chandler is able to keep his composure while Miles reacts with a full-on panic attack. The condition of the body recalls something vile from Miles’ past. The team begin to suspect someone is murdering old gangland mobsters in the manner of the Krays to fast track themselves to the top of the underworld. But who would have the power and the sway to do such a thing? And why? Are identical twins Jimmy and Johnny Kray following in the footsteps of their father Ronnie Kray?

Events take a turn for the worse when gangsters aren’t just killing their own, but seem prepared to kill anyone who gets in their way – including DI Chandler, DS Miles, and policemen McCormack and Kent.

Full of history, texture and detail, this brooding drama takes the team to some very dark places.

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