October 6th, 2009
Video Outtakes: How the Russians Rocked the Beatles

At a celebration of John Lennon’s birthday, Russian rock bands pay tribute by performing some of the Beatles’ classic hits.

  • Charles Pilchard

    I would vote for the Beatles. Their music was real MUSIC!

  • Ken Young

    As for being the most influential….It has been published that Bob Dylan turned the Beatles on to folk, protest, ‘psychedelic’, alternative music, pot and mind expansion when he met them in NYC on their first US tour

  • Jessica Flagg

    I vote for Pete Seeger. He brought the power of music to force political awareness and led the way for Peace and for people first instead of corporate profits…. Dylan and the Beatles and the others came way after him.

  • Judy Amato

    The best part of the “formative years”…….love their music.

  • Leah Boyd

    For those who didn’t live through the McCarthy era, one might not understand what people like Seeger did to wake up an entire country to “blackballing”, censorship and political tyranny. This was not about pretty music, fun and games, he and others suffered.

  • Eileen Lebegue

    Although each musician influenced our culture with their music, I would vote for The Beatles as having the most impact When they landed in the U.S in the early sixties, they had the youth of America in the palm of their hand. Their music is performed today by some of the most renowed symphonies in the world.


    The beatles provided an incredible relationship to music for my small boys,when Ed Sullivan introduced them to America. For me, the adult,this experience propelled me into that sound that remains vivid and I extended the experience to my mom who lived in Italy.For my son Paul,it is the group that will always rock the world.

  • Jerome Potts

    It’s a tough call to choose between The Beatles and Pete Seeger. As a child of the sixties (and a teenager of the 70s), in France, The Beatles were my favorite ; however, Pete Seeger had already left an indelible mark. I enjoyed Dylan, but that was because of my american ties. And i wasn’t comprehending his message well (and after seeing the Scorsese film about him, i’m not sure that i do now). The Jackson 5 made their mark, and later Michael Jackson solo took the world by storm, but people of african ancestry anywhere had been following him the whole time. So i’d say that to them, he is huge.

  • Kerstin Connelly

    OK, I saw this documentary and I was blown away. Although Pete Seeger and Bob Dylan influenced many musicians, like The Beatles, The Beatles were without a doubt THE most influential rock band in our world so far. They caused a cultural revolution in the USSR without even trying. They were VERY important to the Russians, maybe even more so than to the Brits and Americans (who also saw big changes to their youth cultures resulting from Beatlemania). They represented freedom and were beyond legendary to Russian youth and eventually lead the way to Glasnost. Personally I still feel their magic! See this documentary and you’ll be convinced. All you need is love!

The votes are in and viewers overwhelming chose The Beatles as the artists that had the greatest impact on history. Read what viewers had to say about all the artists below, including the winning nomination submissions.