October 6th, 2009
Q&A with Leslie Woodhead, director of "How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin"

THIRTEEN Vice President Stephen Segaller interviews Leslie Woodhead, producer and director of “How the Beatles Rocked the Kremlin”, on the making of the documentary.

  • roy providence


  • Don Mulvaney

    Wow! This is wonderful! More popular than Jesus… oops! I love channel 13 and WNYC Radio! Rock on you guys!

  • kim walker

    My first concert experience was Michael Jackson and his 4 brothers at Madison Square Garden in 1968 or 69. It showed me how music can change your life. I have been listening and loving Michael Jackson and his music ever since. He has touched every corner of the world and every generation. He truly is the King of Pop!

  • Geri Montefusco

    I was at the concert that the Beatles gave at Shea Stadium,in NY in 1964. Yes, the Beatles changed the World, and continued to change it until they broke up ! Glad that I went to that concert, it was amazing !!!

  • diane carroll

    Beatles 4ever

  • debbie leavit

    they were my whole life

  • Paula Zimmerman

    This documentary was really good, a great subject and showed how music moves people more than anything.

  • Ekaterina Lander

    My whole family enjoyed watching this documentary. I grew up in USSR and it was great to share memories with kids in such a unique way. I would love to buy a DVD!

  • Jerome Potts

    What a fantastic documentary! Thank you so much, Thirteen et. al., and congratulations, Mr. Woodhead.
    Very moving at times, amusing at others, and overall fascinating.
    Surely you will be selling copies of the DVD, no?

  • Jerome (Иероним) Potts

    But now i’m remembering: Elton John played in Russia back in 79 (under Brezhnev), and Manfred Mann played Budapest in 83 (under Andropov). Perhaps there might’ve been some room for that in the film, or were there too many such occurrences to even start mentioning?

  • Raul Martinez

    This isa almost unbelievable documentary on the effects the Beattles had on the Soviet Russian young society.

    I definitely would like to acquire a copy of this DVD as soon as it is placed on the market.

  • Bob

    Great documentary. As an exchange student in Leningrad in 1980, I hung out several times at Kolya Vasin’s place: I still have photos of me and my friends, both American and Russian, surrounded by all the Beatles memorabilia. I’d attach the pics if I knew how!

  • Jennifer Gersch

    Where can I buy a copy of the DVD?

    I saw this film over the summer and told all my Russian friends about it, all of whom were born in the USSR. Several of their parents had grown up with the Beatles or are at least Boomers and remember the infiltration of American pop culture in the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

    Wonderful slice of history that has been largely kept under wraps. Thank you to Leslie Woodhead and PBS for bringing this to the public.

  • Dusty Durst

    This is an important message to everyone, please notice the time lines. Incredible.

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