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Media News Briefing for Tuesday, December 28th

By Michael Hurtig
Tuesday, December 28th, 2010

Google TV Rollout Issues Continue, Amid Rumors LATIMES

A Look at the Future of Television MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW

Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ Plays a Role in Recent Bill’s Passage NYTIMES, POLITICO

Happy Holidays! Check back for more media news beginning January 5th.

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Media News Briefing for Monday, December 27th

By Michael Hurtig
Monday, December 27th, 2010

Hungary’s Response to Criticism of Recently Introduced Media Law NYTIMES

Huffington Post’s ‘Biggest Media Stories of 2010′ HUFFINGTON POST

NPR’s ‘On the Media’ Examines the Net Neutrality Proposal – Listen to it here NPR

A portrait of Leo Laporte, founder of TWIT Podcast Network NYTIMES

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Media News Briefing for Friday, December 24th

By Michael Hurtig
Friday, December 24th, 2010

Increased Smart Phone Security is Required to Protect Businesses, Consumers WALL STREET JOURNAL

Cherokee Language Strives to Survive Via iPhone App LATIMES

Who Really Wants a 3D TV? NIELSENWIRE

FCC Chair Proposes Conditional Approval of Comcast-NBC Deal REUTERS

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Media News Briefing for Thursday, December 23rd

By Michael Hurtig
Thursday, December 23rd, 2010

Comcast-NBC Deal Delayed NYTIMES

Many Sites and Companies Cutting Ties with WikiLeaks REUTERS

What Stories Americans Followed Most in 2010 PEW

Youtube Seeks to Improve its Content by Funding Independent Video Creators NYTIMES

Poll: Many Internet Users Oppose Targeted Ads LATIMES

Top Rated Shows, Broadcasts in 2010 NIELSENWIRE

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Media News Briefing for Wednesday, December 22nd

By Michael Hurtig
Wednesday, December 22nd, 2010

Paid Advertisements in the News LATIMES

Media Watchdogs and Others Question Hungary’s New Media Law REUTERS, WALL STREET JOURNAL

Columbia University Announces Winners of 2011 duPont Awards for Broadcast Journalism WALL STREET JOURNAL

The Results of the FCC Net Neutrality Vote NYTIMES

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Media News Briefing for Tuesday, December 21st

By Michael Hurtig
Tuesday, December 21st, 2010

News Corp Proposal for BSkyB Takes a Step Forward NYTIMES

The New Landscape of Entertainment Distribution VARIETY

More on FCC Net Neutrality Rules WALL STREET JOURNAL, CNN, WASHINGTON POST – Link to Live Coverage of the Meeting REBOOT.FCC.GOV

Writers With Backgrounds in Journalism Head to Groupon THE ATLANTIC

BBC’s Director General Comments on Opinion-Based Reporting Versus the BBC’s Commitment to Impartiality THE GUARDIAN

New Concept of ‘Augmented Reality’ on Cell Phones May Become Commonplace NYTIMES

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Media News Briefing for Monday, December 20th

By Michael Hurtig
Monday, December 20th, 2010

More Newspapers Report a Slow in the Decline of Ad Sales BLOOMBERG

Google TV Off to a Slow Start? NYTIMES


TV Ads, Selected Just for You WALL STREET JOURNAL

Proposed Rules for Internet Service Providers, Up for Vote by FCC REUTERS, More on Net Neutrality WASHINGTON POST

Civil Rights Organizations Back Comcast-Universal Merger LATIMES

How Private is Your Smartphone? WALL STREET JOURNAL

Estimated Facebook Revenue 2010 – 2 Billion MASHABLE

Tech Guru Tim O’Reilly’s Perspective on the Future of Technology NEWSWEEK

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Media Briefing for Friday, December 17th

By Michael Hurtig
Friday, December 17th, 2010

Comcast Jumping Into the Internet TV Game CNET, WALL STREET JOURNAL

New Players Join in on Viacom’s Court Appeals PAID CONTENTINTERNATIONAL BUSINESS TIMES

PBS  and NYC Department of Education  to Develop New Educational, Multi-platform Digital Content TV NEWS CHECK

The Limited Role of Lawsuits in Protecting Content Online CNET

Decline in Newspaper Ad Sales Slows YAHOO, AP

New Reuters News Service Launched WALL STREET JOURNAL

Media Majors Debate Netflix’s Impact HOLLYWOOD REPORTER, NYTIMES

Award -Winning Journalist, John Pilger, Calls for Changes in Journalism in Light of Wikileaks REUTERS

Yahoo to Lay Off 4% NYTIMES

The French Competition Authority’s Perspective on Google NYTIMES

Major Sites Claim Google Search Results Are Unfair WALL STREET JOURNAL

The Atlantic Reinvents Itself Online NYTIMES

Comcast COO, Steve Burke, Looks to Change the Norm in TV, Advertising  AD AGE

Huffington Post Expected to Turn Profit ATLANTIC WIRE

Vuze Launches Fanhattan – Seeks to be a Player in Video, Entertainment Search CNET

YouTube is Getting Into Original Content Production NYTIMES, Looking at Next New Networks LATIMES

Innovation Shines as Small Papers Focus on the Business of Online News NYTIMES

Larry King’s Last Show Thursday LATIMES, REUTERS, NYTIMES

Media Watchdog Questions Fox News’ Practices WASHINGTON POST, NYTIMES

FCC Commissioner Suggests ‘Public-Value Test’ for U.S. Broadcasters NPR

Comcast-Universal Merger Draws Nearer, With New Conditions VARIETY

FDA Sets its Sights on Social Media Marketing By Pharmaceutical Companies TIME

It’s Official: Cablevision’s Rainbow Media Will Be Sold REUTERS

Publishers and Apple – How Will Policies for the iPad Affect News Delivery and Content? NEIMAN LAB

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Media News Briefing for Friday, December 10th

By Michael Hurtig
Friday, December 10th, 2010

A Look at Current Trends in Media Consumption AD AGE

Is an Internet Link-Tracker Ban Bad for the Economy? NYTIMES, The Federal Trade Commission Comments WALL STREET JOURNAL

More on the European Union’s Review of Google THE ECONOMIST

Despite Decline in Print Circulation Numbers, Newspaper Sites Receive Increasing Amounts of Traffic in UK NYTIMES

The French Newspaper Industry Bands Together in Online Portal Initiative NYTIMES

Google Launches New E-Book Store WALL STREET JOURNAL

Newspaper Industry Ad Revenue Continues to Slip ABC NEWS

Ideas on the Ethics of Publishing the Wikileaks Cables, From the President of the Society of Professional Journalists SPJ

News Corp Says London Times Paywall is Working BLOOMBERG

NPR and PBS Fight to Survive THE WRAP, NYTIMES

New Paper Outlines Strategies for Funding Public Media PR NEWSWIRE

Name of News Corp’s Ipad Paper ‘The Daily’ in Dispute FINANCIAL TIMES

It’s Confirmed – Ipad News Apps are Gaining Popularity RJI

Google’s Zeitgeist 2010 – What are People Are Searching For LATIMES, Direct Link to the Results GOOGLE

New York Times Executive Editor Discusses Wikileaks ON THE MEDIA

8% of Americans Using Twitter PEW

Language in the Media: The Healthcare Debate and Fox DAILY BEAST

Bebo to Expand its Efforts in Mobile as Co-Founder Returns YAHOO, AP, VENTURE BEAT

Mobile Video Increases in Popularity NIELSEN

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Media News Briefing for Friday, December 3rd

By Michael Hurtig
Friday, December 3rd, 2010

Study Argues That Newspapers Can Exist Alongside the Internet – With Less Dependence on Advertising GUARDIAN

Google Antitrust Inquiry by the European Commission NEW YORK TIMES

The Phenomenon of Social Media Protests in Context: The T.S.A. Pat-Down Story NEW YORK TIMES

Music Piracy Suit Turned Down by Supreme Court WALL STREET JOURNAL

Google’s E-Book Venture, Google Editions, Launching Soon WALL STREET JOURNAL

Who Will Lead Internet TV? NEW YORK TIMES

New Media Startup, Flipboard, Takes News on the iPad in a New Direction BLOOMBERG NEWS

An FCC Commissioner on the State of TV News MEDIA BISTRO, LATIMES

A Internet Browser Tracking Bill and its Implications for the Economy, Consumers LATIMES

Who Should Be Held Responsible for Upload of Copyright Protected Video? Viacom Seeks Overturn of Copyright Infringement Suit WALL STREET JOURNAL

FCC Planning a Net Neutrality Proposal POLITICO

Reduction in Sales, Circulation May Not be the Only Problem Affecting Newspapers’ Fate PAID CONTENT

What Wikileaks Mean for Journalism? ASSOCIATED PRESS, NEIMAN LAB

A Look at the Relationship Between Elections, Ad Spending, and Journalism THE NATION

Organizations May Benefit From Social Media Policies LATIMES

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