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Media News Briefing for Thursday, January 20th

Michael Hurtig | January 20th, 2011

U.K. Culture Secretary’s Proposal for a New National Network of Local Channels GUARDIAN

FEMA Leverages Social Networking for Use in Disasters WIRED

Pittsburgh’s First Public Radio Station, WDUQ-FM, Is Purchased in Joint Venture by Public FM Station and Non-Profit BUSINESSWEEK

‘Crowdfunding’ Signals a New Approach to Fundraising in the Arts VARIETY

Google’s Co-Founder, Larry Page, Assumes Role as CEO NYTIMES

Media News Briefing for Wednesday, January 19th

Michael Hurtig | January 19th, 2011

Google Reveals How it Shares its Advertising Revenue BNET

Columbia Journalism Review’s Editors on the Need for a Vigorous Press COLUMBIA JOURNALISM REVIEW

U.K.’s Culture Secretary to Review, Overhaul Media Regulations WALL STREET JOURNAL

Comcast-Universal Deal Approved by the Federal Communications Commission in 4-1 Vote NYTIMES – Commissioner Michael Copps Disagrees With Colleagues VARIETY

Journalists Finding it Difficult to Cover Florida’s Government BLOOMBERG

Facebook Expected to Increase Ad Sales to 4 Billion This Year HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Media News Briefing for Thursday, January 13th

Michael Hurtig | January 13th, 2011

The European Union Continues its Review of Google’s Practices NYTIMES

Wikipedia Celebrates 10 Years NYTIMES, LATIMES

Euronews’ Unconventional, Multilingual Approach to Incorporate Journalists Onscreen NYTIMES

Video-On-Demand Plays Useful Role for Independent Filmmakers WALL STREET JOURNAL

Social Gaming Expands by 28% Over Last Year LATIMES

More on the Comcast, NBC Deal Under Review by FCC BLOOMBERG

Media News Briefing for Wednesday, January 12th

Michael Hurtig | January 12th, 2011

Yahoo Creates Online Sports Magazine NYTIMES

How Hungary’s New Media Law May Affect its Allies NPR

Neiman Lab’s Review of How Mass Media Responded to Haiti’s Earthquake NEIMANLAB

Buyers Question Google’s AdWords Advertising Platform, Raise Concerns About Overpayment WALL STREET JOURNAL

Apple and News Corp Team Up to Release ‘The Daily’ FORBES

Gannett to Cut Staff at 3 Papers by Nearly Half SEATTLE TIMES

Video Calling Takes Center-Stage MIT TECHNOLOGY REVIEW

Media News Briefing for Tuesday, January 11th

Michael Hurtig | January 11th, 2011

Banks Join the Social Media Game FINANCIAL TIMES

European Commission Advised to Place 7-Year Limit on Google’s Rights of Digitized Documents from the Public Domain NYTIMES

More on News Corp’s ‘Daily’ Newspaper WALL STREET JOURNALGUARDIAN

China’s Government Gets Tough on Copyright Violations REUTERS

PEW Research Center’s Look at the News in 2011 PEW

Google TV’s Potential to Change TV Content HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

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