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Media Briefing for Tuesday, February 15th

Michael Hurtig | February 15th, 2011

Obama Administration to Promote ‘Internet Freedom’ NYTIMES

Google Continues to Put Pressure on Content Farms, Gives Users Browser Option to Block Them NYTIMES

Online Viewing Numbers Increase at Netflix WSJ

Al-Jazeera English Finds Global Popularity in Wake of Egyptian Protests GUARDIAN

PBS Newshour Looks at How the Interplay of Social Media and Television Played a Pivotal Role in Egypt’s Protests PBS NEWSHOUR

Media Briefing for Thursday, February 10th

Michael Hurtig | February 10th, 2011

Poll of Ipad Users Reveals That 86% Would Watch Ads for Free Content AD AGE

White House to Reveal Plan to Boost Broadband Coverage Across U.S. WALL STREET JOURNAL

Fox Seeking Re-Transmission Fees From Affiliates VARIETY

How the U.S. State Department is Using an Arabic Twitter Feed to Communicate With the Arab World WASHINGTON POST

A New Book Reviews the Role of the Press in the Financial Crisis – “Bad News: How America’s Business Press Missed the Story of the Century” HUFFINGTON POST

Tim Rutten’s Op-Ed on What the Aol-Huffington Merger May Hold for Journalism WASHINGTON POST


Michael Hurtig | February 7th, 2011

Government funding for public broadcasting has recently become a subject of great debate across the country.

Below are a few stories that discuss the issue:

Once Again Funding for Public Broadcasting Becomes Part of a Budget Battle VARIETY

The San Francisco Chronicle Talks to Ken Burns About the Importance of Public Broadcasting SF CHRONICLE

House Republicans Plan to Cut Aid to Public Broadcasting, Arts and Humanities Agencies HUFFINGTON POSTLATIMES

In response, public radio and television stations, national organizations, producers, viewers and listeners have collaborated to launch 170millionamericans.org. The site’s purpose – to bring attention to the large percentage of Americans that use and depend on public media every day. One of the main statements on the site clearly reflects why funding for public broadcasting should remain a priority – more than half of all Americans use public media each month.

Support for government funding for institutions like NPR and PBS will determine the future of the American media landscape. Please take a moment to visit the site and see how you can support the effort to show Congress what public media means to so many Americans.


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