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Media News Briefing for Tuesday, May 10th

Michael Hurtig | May 10th, 2011

Youtube Takes Another Step Forward in the Streaming Movie Arena. The site, which still boasts at least 3 times as many visitors as any of its competitors, has secured a deal to stream a total of 6,000 titles, up from 3,000 previously. HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Columbia University’s Graduate School of Journalism Releases Recommendations to Journalists, News Organizations. CJR

Are Newspapers Being Overly Optimistic About Potential Revenue From Tablet-Based Apps? INDEPENDENT

Media News Briefing for Monday, May 9th

Michael Hurtig | May 9th, 2011

In Its Current Form, The Internet Do-Not-Track Policy Would Put the Choice in Consumers’ Hands. In recent months marketers have been concerned about the potential negative economic effects of do-not-track mechanisms, in particular the limiting effect that such mechanisms would have on their abilities to market effectively online. By mandating that consumers be given the option to opt-out of being tracked by marketers, policy makers are offering a democratic approach to the issue. LATIMES

A Look at AOL’s CEO, Tim Armstrong’s, Efforts to Redevelop The Company’s Web Presence NYTIMES

In the U.K., Journalists May Not Be Able to Tweet Without Regulatory Oversight. The U.K.’s Press Complaints Commission’s regulations, which apply to newspapers will be carried over to journalists’ twitter feeds. PAIDCONTENT

The Project for Excellence in Journalism Offers an Up-To-Date Review of How People Are Finding Their News Online. Google ‘remains the primary entry point’, and trends imply that for most sites, users visit only a few times per month. The review can be found on the PEJ site: PEJ

Media News Briefing for Thursday, May 5th

Michael Hurtig | May 5th, 2011

How is News Corp.’s ‘The Daily’ Tablet Newspaper Faring? News Corp. says it is too early in the game to make any judgments. With 10 million lost on the publication in the last quarter, many in the newspaper publishing industry can use its success or failure as a barometer for the future of newspapers on tablets. AD AGE

Court Ruling States That I.P. Addresses Do Not Correlate With Identification. As media majors continue to seek a solution to copyright violation, a U.S. District Court confirmed that using i.p. addresses as ‘unique personal identification tools’ for infringers is not sufficient. ZDNET

Nielsen Reduces Number of U.S. Television Homes to 114.7 Million. NIELSENWIRE

Online Video, Often Maligned for Being Less Effective, is Now Getting Better Ratings From Media Buyers. A recent poll indicates that 66% of buyers find online video as effective as TV. TUBEFILTER

102 Journalists Killed Worldwide in 2010 ASSOCIATED PRESS

Media News Briefing for Wednesday, May 4th

Michael Hurtig | May 4th, 2011

A New Firm, Righthaven, is Seeking Copyright Violations on the Web, and Damages. In the messy battle for copyright protection in the digital age, Righthaven is taking an aggressive approach to protecting copyright. NYTIMES

Comcast is Adding 200 Million to NBC’s Primetime Programming Budget. VARIETY

AOL Profit Declines 86% in First Quarter. Will AOL’s approach to establishing itself as a leading online portal, in part signaled by its acquisition of the Huffington Post, pay off going forward? HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Media News Briefing for Tuesday, May 3rd

Michael Hurtig | May 3rd, 2011

The Conservative Party of Canada’s Efforts to ‘Leak’ a Photo of Liberal Party Leader, Michael Ignatieff, Backfires. Following the photo’s release, it was revealed that the man in the photograph was in fact not Ignatieff. NYTIMES

Apple’s iPad Subscription Policies Shifting Sooner Than Anticipated. WSJ

The Number of Homes in the U.S. With TV Sets is Decreasing NYTIMES

DVD Sales Dropped During the First Three Months of 2011 VARIETY

Media Watchdog Free Press Says Comcast’s Efforts for New Local News Coverage are ‘Half-Baked’ as NBC is Set to Launch 3 New Local News Channels LATIMES

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