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Media News Briefing for Friday, May 27th

Michael Hurtig | May 27th, 2011

Comcast’s New Venture Capital Fund, Comcast Ventures,  Set Up Acquire New Media Properties. Although acquiring new media properties is nothing new for the media giant, the new fund of 750M will focus on early to late stage media businesses. LATIMES

Nielsen Studying Brain Waves? The media and consumer measurement company now owns a brainwave measurement company, Neurofocus, and this may reflect a marked change in how information gathering in areas like audience metrics and consumer response are generated. NYTIMES

Young People are Watching Less TV Year Over Year. 18-49 year-olds are watching television 2.7 percent less than they were in 2009. AD WEEK

Media News Briefing for Thursday, May 26th

Michael Hurtig | May 26th, 2011

Piracy Bill Passed by Senate Committee. Today, the U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Committee approved the Preventing Real Online Threats to Economic Creativity and Theft of Intellectual Property Act. Read more at THR

SONY has yet more trouble protecting customer data, or even figuring out all of the different places its customer data is stored. The future of privacy in the digital age is skewing more toward personal rather than corporate responsibility.  How we will all manage our precious personal info online when the only person you can really trust with your data is you? BOINGBOING

If you think that working in a technical specialty behind the camera is a good, stable career path in the movie business, think again. VFX (“visual effects”) experts, responsible for the dazzling images that pack theaters across the globe, are reportedly underpaid and overworked, just like the rest of us. THR

Major PBS Broadcaster in Orlando Ending PBS Contract – Public Television Broadcasts in the Area Will be Picked Up By Smaller Local Stations NYTIMES

Media News Briefing for Wednesday, May 25th

Michael Hurtig | May 25th, 2011

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Is News Corp. Set to Make Waves in Education? At the e-G8 summit being held in France this week, Rupert Murdoch spoke on the corporations efforts to help revolutionize education, noting that classrooms have changed little in the past 50 years. PAIDCONTENT

IP Law is Once Again Up for Debate, This Time at the e G8 Conference in France. According to a BBC report, little has changed in the years-old conversation, which pits rights-holders who want strict management of digital content online against those who wish for a free flow of content in the internet era. BBC

A General Call for Stronger Internet Regulation at the G8 Summit. NYTIMES

The European Commission has Unveiled its New Copyright Strategy. The strategy focuses in part on identifying ISPs who either infringe copyright or who sponsor internet piracy. ZDNET


Net neutrality, dead at the Federal level, might be revived by local governments. BOINGBOING

Comcast Sets Industry Record With 20 Billion On-Demand Views Since 2003. HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Meanwhile, YouTube is Off the Charts With 3 Billion Video Views PER DAY TECHCRUNCH

Media News Briefing for Tuesday, May 24th

Michael Hurtig | May 24th, 2011

Why Has Liberty Media Expressed Such a Great Interest in Barnes and Noble? The Hollywood Reporter offers some clues, among them Liberty’s wish to situate itself as a ‘retail-plus-device player’. This is a significant move which should not be underestimated, as Apple’s iPad subscription model, in which Apple takes a large piece of the pie, is lending definition to the future of publishing. THR

The Columbia Journalism Review Offers its Final Recommendations to Journalists, News Organizations, as a Part of its Recent Report on Digital Journalism. CJR

Reuters Partners With Investigative News Network, a Not-For-Profit News Agency, to Syndicate Investigative News You ‘Won’t Find Anywhere Else’. CUTLINE

The Future of Broadcasting May Be on Mobile Devices – If Broadcasters Can Hold Onto Their Spectrum. As debates between broadcasters, wireless providers, and the FCC play out, broadcasters still have the opportunity to maintain their place as essential service providers by leveraging the opportunities available in mobile, broadcasting directly to devices over-the-air. TVNEWSCHECK

Media News Briefing for Friday, May 19th

Michael Hurtig | May 20th, 2011

Ad Buyers Have Not Returned En Masse to the Pages of Newsweeks for the Moment, AdAge Reports. Tina Brown recently stated that the new Newsweek/Dailybeast.com internet and print hybrid will likely not see profitability for 2-3 years – and this is a common line across the board for many new online news outlets. Only time will tell how many financial backers will maintain confidence in online news media outlets – in their recent report the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism noted the case of hyperlocal TBD.com losing financial steam after only 6 months – an online outlet that had originally been on a 3-5 year trajectory toward profitability.

The Day Before the New York Public Library Begins its Centennial Celebration, Amazon Has Reported That it is Selling, on Average, 105 E-books for Every 100 Books. NYTIMES

Liberty Media Puts in Bid for Barnes and Noble. The trend toward media consolidation continues as Liberty, a major force in global media, shows interest in B+N, which is set to unveil a new e-reader. FORBES

Media News Briefing for Thursday, May 19th

Michael Hurtig | May 19th, 2011

Photo: Mike McCaffrey

Tablet Apps for Magazines are Proving Themselves, and May Indeed be the Future of Publishing. This fact has been much disputed, however the number of minutes that users are spending reading publications on tablets are impressive – Paidcontent reports 30-34 minutes on average. Compared with the minimal amount of time average users spend reading on unique websites, these apps are providing a stable ground for publishers. PAIDCONTENT

Atlantic Online Opens its Office Doors to Readers, Taking Pitches for Stories and Seeking Feedback. MASHABLE

Media Majors May Delay Hulu’s Addition of New Content. THR

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