Media News Briefing for Friday, May 19th

Michael Hurtig | May 20th, 2011

Ad Buyers Have Not Returned En Masse to the Pages of Newsweeks for the Moment, AdAge Reports. Tina Brown recently stated that the new Newsweek/ internet and print hybrid will likely not see profitability for 2-3 years – and this is a common line across the board for many new online news outlets. Only time will tell how many financial backers will maintain confidence in online news media outlets – in their recent report the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism noted the case of hyperlocal losing financial steam after only 6 months – an online outlet that had originally been on a 3-5 year trajectory toward profitability.

The Day Before the New York Public Library Begins its Centennial Celebration, Amazon Has Reported That it is Selling, on Average, 105 E-books for Every 100 Books. NYTIMES

Liberty Media Puts in Bid for Barnes and Noble. The trend toward media consolidation continues as Liberty, a major force in global media, shows interest in B+N, which is set to unveil a new e-reader. FORBES