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staff | June 29th, 2010

John Adams Delivered the 2011 Commencement Address to Juilliard Graduates on May 20th. In his speech, he thanked them for choosing a life in the arts.

Juilliard Commencement 2011 from The Juilliard School on Vimeo.

New York City Opera’s Departure From Lincoln Center: How an arts non-profit became overextended as it grew. NYTIMES

In Early May, the President of the National Association of Recording Merchandisers, Jim Donio, Delivered Positive Remarks on the Future of the Music Industry. You can find a transcript of his speech here: NARM

The New York City Opera is Leaving Lincoln Center, Cutting Costs NY DAILY NEWS

Some International Touring Orchestras Are Not What They Seem, the New York Times Reports. Many touring orchestras employ ‘truth shading’ in order to give audiences the impression that they are attending a performance by an established orchestra, when in some cases, orchestras have even been found to be pick-up ensembles. Read more on this here: NYTIMES.COM

National Endowment for the Arts Study Finds That Arts Consumers Are Social Animals ALLIANCE FOR THE ARTS

The Philadelphia Orchestra, One of the Most Prestigious Orchestras in the Country, is Declaring Bankruptcy LATIMES

The Detroit Symphony is Back After a Six-Month Strike NYTIMES

Wynton Marsalis to Launch a Two-year Lecture and Performance Series at Harvard University HARVARD GAZETTE

Kickstarter, a ‘Crowd Sourcing’ Fundraising Website, is Making Waves in the Arts Sphere. The site offers artists and organizations a platform to raise funds for their projects. For example, take a look at this new project by two Juilliard students and their collaborators KICKSTARTER

John Tiffany, the Associate Director of the National Theatre of Scotland, Aims to Explore ‘Paralanguage’ in Theater HARVARD GAZETTE

Photos and Coverage of the Latest Show by the Merce Cunningham Dance Company NYTIMES


Over the weekend at WNET’s Celebration of Teaching and Learning, a panel of innovators in music education discussed the El Sistema Movement, which began 33 years ago in Venezuela. Below is a post on the event taken from the live blog:

A panel on ‘El Sistema’, a movement centered on creating musical communities and training for youth

The El Sistema Movement in the United States and its Message to U.S. Education

In her effort to bring classical music to the inner city through the Harmony Program, Anne Fitzgibbon recruits teachers who appreciate the potential of music to change students’ lives. After asking herself the question – how can New York pride itself as a cultural capital of the world if it can’t teach its children music – she traveled to Venezuela, where she learned about El Sistema. Now, she helps to make music a part of the every day lives of children. Something as simple as putting a child in an orchestra to play a ‘two note charanga’ – literally a piece with two notes – she said, can create a sense of accomplishment and passion for them.

Jaime Bernstein described how a video of The Mambo from her father’s musical, West Side Story, performed by the Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra, spoke to her and her father’s beliefs about music. The community of a working orchestra, she said, provides a miraculous experience for youth.

Stanford Thompson, an accomplished trumpet player and the Director of the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra’s El Sistema-inspired program, Tune Up Philly, spoke of the need for a program which can coordinate all of Philadelphia’s music education resources.

Finally, Mark Churchill, Director of El Sistema USA, said that one message he could pick out to frame the program is its instance as a communal context, a social context in which everyone is included. Competition can be good, he said, but El Sistema engages competition (increasing musical skill and advancing to new orchestras in this instance) as a communal experience, and the children who achieve have a strong understanding of the community which enabled their advancement and success.

You can watch a video of Dr. Jose Antonio Andreu speaking about El Sistema on TED

Non-profits Report That They Will, On Average, Find it Difficult to Meet The Demand In the Coming Year CRAINS BUSINESS

The Beijing Dance Theater Pushes Boundaries With its Production of Jin Ping Mei NYTIMES

Photo: James Jordan

Youth America Grand Prix – The American Idol for Ballet? NYTIMES

Kodo, a Japanese Drumming Troupe, Delivers a Stunning Performance at Avery Fisher Hall NYTIMES

Rocco Landesman’s Blog Post – The Imbalance of Supply and Demand for Nonprofits in America ARTS.GOV

Despite the Widespread Decline in Music Sales Over the Past Decade, Digital Music is Finding New Investors NYTIMES

What City Arts Councils are Doing to Help Arts Groups Across the Five Boroughs NY COMMUNITY TRUST

Music Executives React to Apple’s New Subscription Service LATIMES


Using Xtranormal’s Innovative Text to Video Program, Dr. Krista Blackwood, Artistic Director and General Manager of Octarium, Created the Following Video to Help People Understand the Concept of an Arts Non-Profit. Take a Look!

Some Successful Broadway Shows Move Elsewhere to Cut Costs NYTIMES

Unexpected Twists at the Grammy Awards – the Arcade Fire and Lady Antebellum NYTIMES

Students for ‘Free Culture’ and its Meaning for Artists and Arts Organizations SFC NYC

The New York City Ballet Re-invents Swan Lake NYTIMES

The Los Angeles Opera Aims to Provide a Fresh, Modern Program Without Alienating its Regular Audience LATIMES

Anthony Tommasini, the New York Times’ Chief Music Editor, Ranks the Top 10 Classical Music Composers of All Time NYTIMES


Source: Bill Baker Research

The Chairman of the National Foundation for the Arts, Rocco Landesman, on the Problem of Struggling Theaters NYTIMES

Italian Violinist Luca Ciarla Breaks New Ground With Cross-Genre Arrangements, Compositions ALLABOUTJAZZ.COM , LUCACIARLA.COM

NPR Proves a Great Place to Promote New Music HOLLYWOOD REPORTER

Thoughts on the Future of the Digital Music Business NYTIMES

Take a Look at the Dance NYC Mid-Season Symposium DANCENYC

‘Crowdfunding’ Signals a New Approach to Funding in the Arts VARIETY


The Borromeo String Quartet Moves to E-Sheet Music NYTIMES

US Arts Organizations May Have to Cope With Funding Cuts VARIETY

How Composer Alan Menken Took on the Challenge of Adjusting to a Different Musical Sensibility at Pixar VARIETY

Louisville Orchestra Musicians Form a New Organization, ‘Keep Louisville Symphonic’ WFPL

Irish Youth Education Program Receives 5M (EU) From U2 to Fund Project IRISH TIMES

A Look at Karim Wasfi, Director and Chief Conductor of the Iraqi National Symphony Orchestra, and the Unique Challenges That the Orchestra Continues to Face WALL STREET JOURNAL

New York’s Ecstatic Music Festival Defying Boundaries NYTIMES

Jazz Soirees Held as Number of Clubs Dwindles in L.A. LATIMES

How Some Dance Companies Are Finding Success in Brooklyn BROOKLYN EAGLE

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