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Dick Cavett’s Watergate
Classic Clips
Air date: 08/08/2014

Dick Cavett’s Watergate


Featured Classic Clips from “The Dick Cavett Show”



In alphabetical order:


  • Senator Howard Baker  (Vice-Chairman, Senate Watergate Committee)


  • Carl Bernstein  (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for his reporting, with Bob Woodward, for the Washington Post of the Watergate scandal)


  • Walter Cronkite  (Anchor, the CBS Evening News and “the most trusted man in America” during those years)


  • John Dean (White House Counsel under President Nixon)


  • John Ehrlichman (White House counsel and Assistant to President Richard Nixon for Domestic Affairs; convicted Watergate conspirator)


  • Senator Sam Ervin (Chairman, Senate Watergate Committee)


  • President Gerald Ford  (interviewed when he was Vice President under Richard Nixon, and again several years later after he had been President)


  • Alexander Haig (White House Chief of Staff under President Nixon, 1973-74)


  • Senator Daniel Inouye (Senate Watergate Committee)


  • Senator Edward Kennedy (guest on the Cavett show just two days after the Watergate break-in)


  • Henry Kissinger (National Security Advisor and Secretary of State under President Nixon)


  • U.S. Attorney General Richard Kleindienst (AG during Watergate)


  • G. Gordon Liddy (Counsel for the Committee to Re-Elect President Richard Nixon; Watergate conspirator)


  • Jeb Magruder (Special Assistant to President Nixon and Deputy Director of the Committee to Re-Elect the President; convicted Watergate conspirator)


  • Senator Herman Talmadge  (Senate Watergate Committee)


  • Gore Vidal (author)


  • Senator Lowell Weicker (Senate Watergate Committee)


  • Bob Woodward (Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for his reporting, with Carl Bernstein, for the Washington Post of the Watergate scandal)