Nature (Season 36) – The Last Rhino

Air date: 02/21/2018

Premieres nationwide Wednesday, February 21 at 8-9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings)

Meet Sudan, the last male of his sub-species, the Northern White Rhinoceros.  His harrowing journey is told through the international cast of characters who have been involved in Sudan’s life, from when he was snatched as a calf from his mother’s side in war-torn Central Africa, to his captivity as a prized exhibit in a cold, concrete zoo behind the Iron Curtain while poaching devastated his kind to extinction back home.  Now 43 years old and half-blind, Sudan is living out his days under 24-hour armed guard, on a protective sanctuary in Kenya.  As his kind nears its last hour, scientists and animal experts turn to technology to save the Northern White Rhino before it dies out forever.

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Sudan, the last male Northern White Rhinoceros. Credit: © Brendan Easton

Zachary Mutai and Sudan. Credit: © Brendan Easton

Sudan’s Capture in 1975 from the Shambe game reserve of South Sudan. Credit: © Brian Vidor

Eva Svitalska and a northern white rhino in Dvur Karlove Zoo. Credit: © Jiri Vahala